Custom Boat Lettering – Which To Choose

Welcome to our section about the different custom boat letting you can use. We have a designer so you can make any complex design you want or keep it simple with just letters. We are going to run through a few options to help you along your way. First we have vinyl boat lettering which is the most common. We have a section vinyl letters where you can see the different fonts, size and colors. We have over 40 boat lettering fonts to choose from, each font is written in their style so you can get an idea of what they will look like. Our sizes go from .5 inch to 48″ high. With over 30 colors to choose from click on the color chart on the right to get a better idea of the color. We also have boat name decals where you can load up an image and we will give you a quote.

If you are looking for a more impressive boat letter you can go with a stainless steel letter. These are made to last in the salt water environment. Being that they are fabricated steel you have a nice depth which makes the letter stick out. You can go with two main finishes, polished which would be shinny or brushed which gives a more dull look. You can co to our stainless steel letters section to see. When there you can see the different fonts, sizes, thicknesses and finishes. The one special thing about using stainless steel letters is that you can add backlighting to them. This means you can have a glow or halo look to your boat letters. This is an amazing look for night time. Really makes your boat name stand out. Installing these types of letters will require more work than vinyl. They mostly come with stud mounting and we recommend using 100% pure silicon to help stay in place. Since it is your boat we recommend hiring someone that has done this before unless you are very handy and have done something similar.

Vinyl boat letters are very easy to install, you should thoroughly clean the surface first. Apply masking tape along top edge the the vinyl. This will be used to hold the sign in place while you peel off the backing. The make sure everything is level and apply to the boat. Hold the sign up with one hand and spray soapy water, this gives the vinyl sign a little play to move it in case you made a mistake. Slowly lower the letters to the wall. Squeegee every inch of the sign thoroughly making sure to get any excess water out from behind the letters. We suggest starting from one corner and working your way to the other side so the bubbles can escape. Let dry for a couple minutes. Slowly peel off the face paper and squeegee down the letters as needed. If letters stick to the backing re-squeegee the entire sign and let it dry some more.