Metal Signs Wholesale FAQs about Our Metal Signs

An attractive and inviting storefront is crucial when it comes to enticing new customers and a store’s outdoor signage is a key ingredient. Shoppers and potential clients will be turned off by an unattractive, fading, or barely visible sign. Your business sign should reflect a company that takes pride in its work or product and is eager to attract and retain new customers.

There are many types of metals signs that can improve the façade of a shop front. There are retro tin signs, custom aluminum signs, white aluminum signs, metal sign blanks, vintage steel signs, and heavy gauge signs to name but a few. However, a long-lasting and durable option for your business’s storefront signage is metal lettering. However, the choices can be overwhelming. With so many different metal letters to choose from, a business owner must consider the type of look and tone that is most appropriate for the goods or services it offers. This could include aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, brass, copper, and bronze letters, and there are numerous finishes to go with each of these materials.

Metal letters are made in two different ways: all of the letters are cut using water jet or laser, except for cast aluminum. Basically cast aluminum, as its name suggests, is made using a cast or mold. This means there is less flexibility when buying this type of letter, but the positive benefit is you get a greater depth of letter for the price. Because the cast aluminum letter is made from a mold, the letter is actually hollow. In the case of all other metal letters, you will pay based on thickness as well as height, but they are solid. Both of these options are extremely durable.

Metal lettering works for both outdoor and indoor signage, so a business owner can consider ways to use the same look and feel throughout its premises. An outdoor sign might be replicated in a smaller size over a reception desk, for example. Consistent use of the company’s branding throughout its location creates a clean and streamlined feel that will be attractive to new and existing customers.

If you are using metal lettering for a business sign outdoors, you might also consider LED backlighting to really stick out at night and draw even more attention to your storefront signage.

Cast metal lettering can be painted, brushed, anodized, oxidized, or patina finish. It has a greater depth than flat cut metal, with a hand-finished classic look and sharp clean lines. It is extremely durable.

Cast Bronze letters are a great choice for a sense of luxury and elegance associated with an upscale business and the material has the ability to stand up to very harsh conditions. Cast bronze offers depth for relatively the same price as traditional cut bronze sign letters. The patina finish can vary slightly. Like other letter types, cast bronze can be used with stud mounting, which provides a quick and easy installation.

Cast aluminum letters are a great choice for storefront signage that indicates style and class. They really offer incredible value and durability when compared to other lettering types. They have crisp edges and a strong finish, which gives the feeling of professionalism and authority. Stud mounting works great with cast aluminum.

Flat cut metal lettering is a more cost-effective option that can still result in an attractive storefront sign. Flat cut can be applied to aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and stainless steel to create signage that is durable both inside and out.

Flat cut aluminum is a great metal lettering choice for outdoor use and a long-lasting look. Aluminum letters offer incredible durability and beautiful finishes. Most importantly, they will never rust or fade. Aluminum signage created using waterjet cuts and lasers to precisely cut the lettering and numbers providing greater detail than routers. These beautiful letters have clean, crisp edges and come in many different styles, such as brushed. The most common type of mounting for aluminum letters for signs is stud mounting.

Flat cut brass letters used in business signage create a sense of elegance and quality. Lasers and waterjet cuts are used to precisely cut the brass sign letters, providing greater detail than routers. These beautiful letters and numbers have sharp, crisp edges. The most common type of mounting for brass sign lettering is stud mounting.

Flat cut bronze letters are also an elegant addition to any office or outdoor sign. Bronze has a slightly more orange color than brass, due to its alloy mix. Bronze lettering has a unique style and flair when used in storefront signage. Like the other flat cut metals, bronze lettering is created by waterjets combined with lasers to perfectly cut the letters which provides much greater detail than other machines. The most common type of mounting for bronze is direct stud mounting.

Flat cut copper letters for storefront signage are extremely durable and provide a fantastic look. The clean sharp edge of copper can create a business sign that looks rich and upscale.

Flat cut fabricated stainless steel letters have a wide range of finishes, depths, and heights. Stainless steel letters can be installed with or without LED lighting. A wide variety of finish options are available, from brushed or polished stainless steel to titanium coatings or custom paint.

At American Sign Letters, our expert customer service team can answer all of your questions about the many metal lettering options available for your business needs. Whether you are looking to recreate retro vintage signs or require classic-looking lettering and everything else in between, we stand behind our products with a lifetime guarantee and we are confident we can work with you to create an attractive, durable, and long-lasting sign for your business. In addition to storefront signage, we can work with you to create a wide variety of other products for your business, from vinyl decals to banners to magnetic business cards. Learn more about our products at and contact us for a quote today.