Outdoor LED Signs: FAQs

Not too long ago, neon signs were all the rage. Everywhere you looked neon signs promoted their owner’s business. Today, LED signage has taken over where the old signage left off and is now one of the best and most effective custom outdoor signs to advertise your business to potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These signs are increasing in popularity across the country as businesses large and small utilize the power of an LED sign to quickly grab the attention of both new and existing customers.

Custom outdoor signs using LED are proven to increase sales and drive customers to your door. They have been used effectively in markets of all sizes, for businesses of all types. With the amount of time your potential customers spend on their cars, these signs are the ideal way to grab their attention.

The advantages of choosing an LED sign for your business are many. With programmable LED signs, dusk to dawn sign lighting, electronic message centers, and other LED sign displays to name but a few, and we will highlight some of them here:

Visibility: One of the key advantages of using LED signs to promote your business is brightness. Outdoor LED signs are much brighter than other illuminated sign options and can be seen by your customers, day or night. LED signs are easily and clearly visible even when placed in direct sunlight.

Versatility: Outdoor LED signs can also be updated all the time, allowing business owners to react to consumer demand and current events and trends with relevant and informative real-time messaging. The creative opportunities available with LED signage are truly unlimited. Outdoor LED signs are far more dynamic than a standard billboard as a method of business promotion and advertising. LED messaging can be changed in just seconds with the click of a button right from your computer. No other signage options can match the real-time effectiveness of LED.

Visually stimulating: The use of compelling visuals and graphics in outdoor LED signage is incredibly effective in capturing the attention and interest of new customers, far more than words can do alone. Captivating imagery can draw attention from new customers and drive new business to your store, increasing your sales. Outdoor LED signage offers a substantial return on investment for your business.

Cost Savings: While the initial purchase of an outdoor LED sign might be a big investment for a small business, it will inevitably pay off in the long run. By utilizing an outdoor LED sign, a business will not need to pay someone to change or redesign or install new outdoor signage as the business grows and changes and evolves; the outdoor LED sign allows you to continually change and update your own content, always highlighting the best and newest goods and services your business offers. Outdoor LED signs are also easy to maintain and energy efficient, creating another fantastic long-term savings opportunity for your business.

It is important to point out, however, that an outdoor LED sign is only as good as its content, so it is vital to consider who in your organization will be responsible for creating, updating, and maintaining it. The person responsible for the LED sign content should be creative and intuitive, understanding the wants and needs of your customer base. Some general rules of thumb to consider when creating and updating effective content for your LED sign are…

Keep it short and simple: Seek to find ways to remove all of the unnecessary words from your messaging to keep it short and catchy and to the point. For example, “In the mood for Tacos this Tuesday?” could be changed to simply “Taco Tuesday?” with a great image of tacos, of course.

Keep it fun and engaging: Don’t be afraid to have a sense of humor and appeal to customer’s emotions. For a Valentine’s Day message, a New England jewelry store might use a phrase such as “Husbands: Do Your Job!” driving men in to buy jewelry with a play on a favorite sports team saying.

Keep it visually stimulating: Use clear, readable fonts on your outdoor LED sign. Aim to use appealing contrasting colors to make your message stand out, along with clear and crisp images.Your customers won’t be enticed to come in if they can’t read the message or see the images.

Any business of any size can benefit from the power of an outdoor LED sign and with some basic training, even the least tech-savvy business owner can learn to use the LED signs effectively!

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Additionally, our LED signs come with Movie Studio Platinum 1. Creating messages for your LED sign has never been easier thanks to the multi-functional message creator Sony TM Movie Studio.

We also supply each customer with a spare parts kit and a five-year warranty. Once the installation is complete we will send out a representative (free of charge!) to inspect the installation and train you on the software so you can create world-class display advertising for your business.

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