Crossing Signs

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There are many different kinds of Crossing Signs you can use to improve traffic, reduce accidents, and help pedestrians and local animals stay safe. You’ll find most of them right here at American Sign Letters, where we’re proud to house the highest-quality signs at the best bargain prices you’ll find anywhere online. Whether you’re looking for signs to warn drivers of potential animal crossing events, signs to keep your school zones safe, or signs to help pedestrians securely cross to the other side of the road, you’ll find them here. And if there are any signs that you can’t find on our site, we provide customization services that allow you to get just about any kind of message you want printed on a sign! Order today with confidence!

— Prevents accidents

— Ecologically friendly

— Helps lower local insurance rates while limiting public liability

— Improve the safety of area school zones

Animal Crossing Signs

In rural areas (and even some less-than-rural cities), animals will frequently cross the highway on their way to another destination. Unfortunately, you can’t count on a deer or a horse to slow down and look both ways before galloping across traffic. And because these animals are so fast and unpredictable, drivers will not always have time to stop. These collisions often result in the death of the animal, and they can also result in death or serious injury for those drivers involved in the crash. These incidences also have a painful effect on insurance rates. You can help mitigate these accidents with Crossing Signs that are specific to the animals in question – you could help save a life!

Pedestrian Crossing Signs

Many downtown areas are constructed to be as safe and secure for pedestrians as they are for automobiles. But even under the best of circumstances, danger can arise when pedestrians cross the road. It can be expensive to post stoplights and other traffic control devices, but it is easily affordable to purchase and implement Crossing Signs that serve the same purpose. While pedestrians should be warned not to put their full trust in such a sign, they can certainly improve their safety by using the designated crosswalks. After these signs have been established for a certain length of time, drivers will grow accustomed to the interruption and adjust accordingly.

School Crossing Signs

Of all the potential Crossing Signs you can purchase on our site, those intended for school zones are probably the most important. Children are our most precious resource, and our cities and schools must be held to a higher standard when it comes to protecting them. Crossing from one side of the road to the other puts children in jeopardy, especially when there is no signage to warn drivers to stop and be alert. You can change this calculation with School Crossing Signs from American Sign Letters. Our signs are bright, vibrant, and effective, so get yours today!