Vinyl Wall Quotes for Home Decor

Vinyl Wall Quotes for Home Décor

Add color and personality to your home décor with customizable Vinyl Wall Quotes.


Vinyl wall quotes are a fast-growing trend among DIY home decorators. They’re an easy and affordable way to customize the look of any room. You can easily find tons of options online and either print them yourself of have them shipped. Installation can be done by beginners and takes less than 15 minutes. All you need is tape, a level, a spray bottle and clean blank surface.


First; line up the quote on the desired surface, and use the level to make sure everything is straight.


Second; tape the top edge of the vinyl wall quote to the wall to hold it in place. Then flip the quote up along the edge of the tape (using the tape as a pivot point) and spray the wall’s surface with soapy water so the vinyl will have a little room for play.


Third; starting at the corner carefully peel away the backing of the quote then slowly lower the vinyl letters back into place.


Fourth; using a squeegee or any other straight edge gently press across the surface of the vinyl letters to remove any moisture trapped behind the qall quote. Let dry for 5 minutes


Finally, once dry peel off the face paper, revealing your new wall quote. If the quote isn’t fully attached, rewet the surface and squeegee the vinyl again (allowing for a longer drying time).


There are many ways you can use vinyl wall quotes to add personality to any room in your house. Here are just a few examples of what’s possible.


Tell your guests about yourself:

Picking a vinyl wall quote that expresses something you believe is a great way to give your guests an insight into who you are. It can be something deeply philosophical or light and whimsical, but whatever you chose it will show off your personality.


Add some fun to your guest bedroom:

It can be difficult to decorate a guest room. You want to make visitors feel welcomed while showing off your personal touch. But because the room isn’t used very often you can’t dedicate too much of your budget to it. Vinyl wall quotes are a great solution here because they’re affordable and will make your guests feel welcomed.


Add some levity to your kitchen:

If your family is like mine our lives always revolve around the kitchen. That’s why adding a vinyl wall quote with a joke can create a fun environment for your family to share.


Go on an adventure!

Children’s rooms are full of energy, and vinyl wall quotes are a great way to help foster a child’s imagination. They can inspire all kinds of playtime fun, and their durability keeps them looking like new through many an adventure. Best of all prints can easily be replaced as they grow up and their favorite toys change.



There are scores of possible ways you can use vinyl wall quotes to add character to your home. They have tons of different quotes and color options to chose from. Then it just takes 15 minutes to install and you’ll add a whole new dimension to your home.