Why is a high-quality sign one the best investments for your business

With many modern tools in marketing emerging in an endless flow, many business owners ask themselves what works? What makes customers inclined to visit a business for the first time? Before you think about something incredibly complicated, let us save you the suspense. According to reputable market surveys –used by FedEx and other big ones –nearly 75% of people enter a shop for the first time solely based on the outside sign. While the decision to set up an outdoor business sign seems like a no-brainer, this process has more impact on the business’ performance than most people acknowledge. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why investing in a high-quality sign will boost your results:

  1. Location. For small and medium businesses, a sign is a beacon to those driving by. Either the sign attracts the attention of new customers, or it notifies those who are seeking for it, they have reached their destination. Studies show a good percentage of people who struggle to locate the company they’re trying to get to, get discouraged, and look for the next best option.
  2. It builds up the brand. Your outside sign is a brand promise. First of all, it shows the colors, fonts, designs, and personality of the brand you are trying to promote. Consumers are able to recognize brands by just looking at a sign –even before reading the content. Moreover, a well-designed and well-maintained sign tells a lot about your company. It shows professionalism, attention to detail, cleanness, etc. On the contrary, poorly designed or damaged signs can really hurt a brand.
  3. Word of Mouth. Companies often use lighted business signs, wall lettering décor, personalized plaques to create a lasting memory. 3 out of 4 people who notice an outdoor store sign will tell their friends or family about that particular shop. By placing a fantastic sign outside, the company is not only being advertised by those who actually see it but to their close ones.
  4. It makes your site stand out from the competition. When you are driving through a highway, you can see restaurants and gas stations being advertised miles ahead of their location. What these signs intend to do is capture people’s attention. A customer that arrives from a high-flow traffic path decided to stop by minutes ago.
  5. Functionality and marketing techniques. Outdoor signs can have a dual purpose: one functional and to serve as an advertisement. Companies use signs to indicate parking lots, entrances, and others, but they are also utilized with the purpose of advertising. They display special sales promotions, the store’s taglines, and other marketing techniques to boost sales. Commercial signs should play an essential role in every company’s marketing portfolio. Often overlooked, high-quality signs provoke more positive outcomes than other tools. Without the need for other forms of advertisement, a sign can describe the company’s services or products in a practical, attractive, eye-catching manner. Signs have also been particularly fruitful when they contain a call to action. It is the business speaking through a beautiful frame.
  6. It is cost-effective. Last but not least. Common types of marketing mediums such as flyers, printed ads, or copy materials have been popular throughout the decades. The digital era and digital means to advertise has overcast this traditional way of promoting a business. Except for outdoor signage. To this date, nothing has been able to replace it. First of all, traditional publications such as pamphlets are quickly thrown out. Digital advertising, on the other hand, cannot be thrown into the garbage, but it can be turned off. Commercial signage is distinctive in this manner. It remains exactly where you want it, visible 24/7, and can be changed as needed.

In addition to these compelling reasons, market surveys have found out that:

• 68% of clients believe a company’s signage is a true reflection of the quality of products and services they offer.
• 67% of customers acknowledge they have purchased something from a store for the first time purely based on their outdoor signage. Stating that “it caught their eye.”
• 60% of people say that an absence of external signage discourages them from entering a business.
• 60% of businesses have reported profit increases (an average of 10%) when they have improved their outdoor signage.
• As you can see, investing in a well-made, well-designed outdoor sign for your company will only bring benefits for you and the brand. When looking for options to manufacture a sign with the highest quality and a wide array of materials, American Sign Letters comes to save the day.
By simply login into their website https://americansignletters.com you can find:

• More than two dozen options for you to opt for. Different materials such as Bronze, Aluminum, Wood, Acrylic, Stainless Steel, and many others. They also offer various options regarding functionality: wall signage, printed, neon, car magnets, and much more.
• American Sign Letters stand behind the quality of their signs, and therefore offer a lifetime guarantee for all of its exterior rated products. That means that any fading, breaking, or defect will be fixed or replaced at no cost to you. Using top-notch coating technology, American Sign Letters tests all of its material and finishes, delivering a product that will last longer than any other sign.

You can quickly get a quote via website, call or write an email with all of your questions and concerns. Most orders are shipped at no cost to the client (orders above $35), and the site provides step by step installation graphics and instructions.

American Sign Letters has a customized option for its bulk buyers, which can be found under the “Wholesale sign program.”
Next time you find yourself brainstorming, going through intricate –or overly expensive –plans to boost your sales, take a look outside your business and ask yourself. Is my sign portraying the right message? Is the quality of my signage a reflection of my company? Is there room from improvement regarding materials, visibility, aesthetics, or functionality? If you answer YES to at least one of the questions, it is time to call the best. American Sign letters.