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Welcome to our section filled with custom wooden signs. Being that we make everything ourselves we want your imagination to run wild and we will create that. Maybe we jumped ahead of our selves and lets start from the top. There are many types of wooden signs and depending on what you will be using it for is the path we would suggest. A few examples is if you were building a house and looking for an outdoor sign we have ½ wood covered with an overlay to make a nice smooth finish. We then print using UV ink and can create any design you would like. These signs are normally square or rectangle. You have also seen them hung on walls inside buildings, restaurant signs and more.

Now come to the carved out wood signs. A very popular one would be a family name with est. and a year. We take a flat piece of wood and car out where the letters are not to give a nice 3d look. We then paint or stain these to give you the look you like.  Another type we can make is a cutout name or multiple names mostly in script and connected. We can make these using ¼-1/2” thick wood or thicker mdf. These are mostly name signs or one word and could be hung on a wall. They are normally found in a nursery, living room or dinning room. If you see these in the commercial setting they are normally above a door to signify what room they are in or company slogan on the wall. We can paint these any color you would like. If you wanted to keep these outside we can seal them or opt for ones make from acrylic which will last longer in the elements depending where you are located.

As you scroll down you can see we make family name signs which normally are a last name and then a design behind it. You can hang these on a wall, fireplace or used as a door hanger. There are so many different designs to choose from as you can see. If you wanted something custom just give us a call or send an email and we can help. If you have an eps or vector file we can cut the wood into that design for you and paint to any color you want.


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