40th Birthday Yard Signs

It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time – not all that long ago – when human beings weren’t expected to live far past their 40th birthday. Thanks to extraordinary advancements in maternity care, medicine, technology (as well as a worldwide decrease in violence and other life-shortening behaviors), 40 isn’t even thought of as a particularly old age. Indeed, there are plenty of sayings that enshrine 40 as a new beginning. You’re more mature, you’ve left your wild and wooly days behind you, and you have just enough wisdom to make selfless decisions that contribute to the betterment of yourself and others. Well, that’s the hope, right?

The truth about 40 is probably more complicated and varied than any phrase that can fit on a bumper sticker, but one thing can’t be denied: This is a major milestone birthday that deserves to be celebrated in style! While we wouldn’t presume to convince you that there’s one “right” way to throw a 40th birthday bash, we do urge you to go big. But even if you opt for a quiet night with your family, you can still give your horn a little toot. With these 40th Birthday Yard Signs, you’ll have the entire community honking and wishing you well as you raise a glass to one more magnificent trip around the sun.

Tell Everyone You Know

Granted, not everyone is an extrovert of the type that likes to run around telling people that it’s their birthday – even if it’s a momentous one like your 40th. In fact, you may be the type that prefers to forget about your birthday altogether. That’s fine and all…but if you’re in charge of throwing someone else a party, you’ll need to get into a “tell the world” spirit! That can start with these 40th Birthday Yard Signs that transform your front lawn into a shrine to all things associated with this special age: The gained wisdom, the battle scars, the increased maturity, and the still-vital energy that promises to fuel another two decades (at least) of creativity and growth. What a time to celebrate!

Bring the Neighborhood Out to Party

Not all parties need to be insulated, invite-only affairs. In some neighborhoods, it’s customary to put out signs and advertisements that say, “Hey! We’re having a party down here, so if you don’t have anything planned, come on over and raise a glass!” If you live in such a neighborhood, these 40th Birthday Yard Signs can let everyone in the subdivision know that there’s a shindig on the way. By posting them in the lawn, you can also let your invited guests know that they’ve arrived at the right place. Don’t underestimate how much these signs can do to put everyone who sees them into a festive mood.

Durable and Bright

You can buy 40th Birthday Yard Signs at countless places, but nowhere else but American Sign Letters will you get our unique mix of durability and affordability. Other sign retailers and party stores will either sell you a cheap product that wilts in the rain or an expensive solution that exceeds your needs. With our years of experience in the industry, we’ve pinpointed the customer “sweet spot,” and our testimonials will tell you the same. Trust us to help you make this the greatest birthday celebration of your life (so far). Thanks for shopping!