Interstate Signs

Among the most familiar signs in the United States, the Interstate Sign is a shield-shaped emblem that indicates the official route number of a designated highway. Some of the most traveled interstates in the country include I-95 along the East Coast, I-5 in California, and I-90, which runs from Seattle to Boston and is the longest highway in America. Drivers look to these signs to get oriented and ensure that they are traveling the correct route. Our Interstate Signs are made in accordance with MUTCD standards, and they are designed with the same top-notch quality you’ve come to expect from American Sign Letters.

Connecting the States

Few countries in the world are quite like the United States. Because the country is so large and comprises so many different states, there are route requirements that are different from what’s needed in other parts of the globe. While major highways are certainly not out of the ordinary in Europe, Asia, and other continents, the U.S. is unique when it comes to the needs of transcontinental travelers. The interstate highway system was designed to connect the 50 states and give long-haul drivers an easy way to move across the country at a relatively fast rate of speed. Interstate Signs are used frequently along these routes to help travelers stay on the right path to their destinations.

Interstate Requirements

Developed under the Eisenhower Administration, the Interstate Highway System is governed by federal laws and each highway must adhere to certain required standards. These include controlled access points, the avoidance of intersections (red lights), and rules regarding signage. Our Interstate Signs are made in accordance with these standards, so you won’t have to worry about being out of compliance. While the highway system is ultimately subject to federal enforcement, each interstate is technically owned by the state in which it was first constructed and partially funded by a federal tax on fuel. In many instances, signage is paid for through these funds. In others, states have chosen to use tolls to pay for the maintenance and upkeep of the roads.

Other Things to Know

While Interstate Signs are commonly posted along the interstate highways themselves, they are also found on adjoining highways and roads to point drivers toward the access point. Often, these signs will be accompanied by a direction (north, east, etc.) to distinguish the access point from the one taking you the other way. Because they are so important, traffic authorities must keep the signs clean and clear and rely on manufacturers who put an emphasis on quality. We’re proud to be among those manufacturers here at American Sign Letters, and we trust that you’ll find ours to be an exceptional product when you order from us today!