Road Work Ahead Signs

There are some jobs in this country that have a reputation for danger. Truck drivers, police officers, firemen. Everyone knows that these are professions that carry with them the potential for deadly risk. But then there are jobs that are every bit as dangerous and yet, the risks aren’t discussed as often. Road workers belong to such a profession. It’s an excellent job with great pay, and it contributes positively to society, but it’s worth remembering that these workers are risking their safety every time they start construction on a new area of the highway. Every time they go to work, they take the chance that some distracted driver will veer off the lane and initiate a tragedy.

This isn’t about taking a moment of reflection for the road workers of America, though; this is about making sure we’re doing everything we can to make their jobs safer. The best way to do this is through the careful use of Road Work Ahead Signs that keep drivers informed about the situation they’re about to encounter. By using these signs strategically, you can tell motorists to slow down, be prepared for changes in the flow of traffic, and adjust to the new driving conditions. Used correctly, a Road Work Ahead sign can do wonders for the safety of everyone – particularly workers charged with repairing the highways.

Road Work Ahead Signs: Best Placement

As important as it is to put up Road Work Ahead signs when construction is about to begin, it’s almost just as important that you post them in the right location. A common mistake made by traffic authorities is to put these signs up too near the construction zone itself. This doesn’t give drivers enough time to become alert to their surroundings and adjust their speed. In fact, leaving these signs to the last minute creates the risk that drivers will over-correct too quickly, thus creating even more dangerous conditions than if they’d proceeded without changing a thing. By posting the signs well in advance of the construction zone, you’ll give everyone on the roadways the chance to seamlessly adjust their driving.

Road Work Ahead Signs: Use With Caution

There is another important aspect to posting Road Work Ahead signs. Unlike a Stop Sign or a Speed Limit Sign, a Road Work Ahead sign is (usually) not meant to go up permanently. It’s worth remembering that as you monitor the construction’s progress. The moment the workers are done and have moved their machinery on to the next project, the signs should come down. Avoid the situation where you leave the signs up for days or even weeks after the project is finished. This will signal to drivers that they don’t have to take these signs seriously, and your efforts will have been in vain. Only by quickly removing these signs after completing a project can you preserve the “trust” bond between you and area drivers.