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    Custom Plaques

    We make all types of custom plagues using bronze, brass, wood and other metals. We could design the edges, fonts, casting and more. This is a complete custom plaque. We have sample images we could send you and options if you are looking for ideas. These plaques could be used for memorials, historic properties, donors, addresses, dedications, military and more! We offer stud and screws for mounting into the wall and posts or stakes for stand alone. Contact our specialists today and we can make a proof to show you what your plaque could look like. We can make as many edits as possible to create you exactly what you want. Give us a call today!

    When you hear the word “plaque,” your mind immediately drifts towards an image of an award of some sort. But plaques are so much more! Before discussing the options, you have let us enlighten you about the many uses of a plaque.

    Like any other marketing object, a plaque is used to promote and build up your company’s identity. But you were right! Plaques are very commonly used in events and given out as awards. How should you design your plaque? It all depends on your business’s nature and the type of competition or recognition you are celebrating.

    For instance, if you have a hunting contest, perhaps you want to go with a custom plaque that looks edgy and sharp. If you are celebrating someone’s 30th anniversary working for a company, you should opt for a classic, elegant plaque. Now, let’s say the company is high-tech and wants to launch a coding competition, then probably your best choice would be a full-color plaque with modern touches. Versatile, practical, beautiful, custom plaques will enhance your brand through a specific event. We also have a large selection of memorial plaques.

    Who will be the recipient?

    Upon trying to design your custom plaque, the first thing you have to ask yourself is: who is my audience? Yes, you are building up your brand, but you are also recognizing individuals. So, the goal is for the award recipient to have the plaque at home –which makes him or her feel proud –and at the same time think of your brand. This plaque will most likely be on display, so the recipient’s family and friends will look at it. Place yourself in the shoes of a complete stranger. Look at your plaque and try to figure out: what does this plaque say about my business?

    Once you have that figured out, the next step is to select among the different types of custom plaques.

    • Traditional. These are the traditional ones –they look just as you remember and expect. We recommend these ones for sponsor awards, recognition, and any other appreciation accolade. They portray your organization in a classy, elegant, traditional way. The additional perk is these custom plaques do not look outdated.
    • Solid wood plaques. If your award has anything to do with nature, real estate, and any other outdoor thematic, this is a great choice. These custom plaques have a unique, natural look.
    • Full-color. Instead of black and white, full-color custom plaques have images or text in full color. If your logo is something you want to market, this is a great option. Full-color custom plaques have a modern feel to them, so anything in the realms of high-technology, science, arts, and fashion would match better with these plaques. If your audience is a young crowd, you may want to opt for these as well.

    Think of your custom plaques as a canvas and ask yourself. What am I trying to depict? What kind of images and feelings do I wish to provoke?

    Forget about boring, ordinary plaques. Personalize your plaques and craft an award worth remembering and displaying.


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