Crosswalk Signs

Crosswalk Signs are a must when you want to provide a safe and predictable place for pedestrians to cross the street. While major intersections will best be protected by “walk” and “don’t walk” lights that go hand in hand with the stoplights, smaller roads can get away with simple signage that alerts drivers to the possibility that people will be crossing. This signage may be accompanied by a Stop Sign so that motorists will automatically stop and wait to make sure no people are preparing to cross. In other cases, drivers may be advised to yield only in the presence of pedestrians. In still other scenarios, it may make sense to post a live crossing guard who stops oncoming traffic to usher people across the road.

The Basics of Crosswalk Safety

While it’s not always necessary to use lights or guards to make a crosswalk safer, the use of Crosswalk Signs is fundamental when it comes to protecting pedestrian safety. These signs are well-used in areas where speed limits are already restricted: The roads that encircle a school, a parking lot, a large office park, and so forth. Because they are already traveling slowly through the area, drivers will have plenty of time to recognize the signs, take notice of any pedestrians in the area, and make the necessary adjustments so that those people can cross safely to their destination.

Corral Pedestrians to a Single Area

Some might argue that pedestrians are always at risk when crossing the road, and they wouldn’t be wrong to say that. On the other hand, there is a difference between a reasonable risk – one that is vastly unlikely to end in disaster – and a dangerous risk that puts people and motorists in jeopardy. This latter risk is what you can avoid by putting up bold Crosswalk Signs. Granted, some people will be too impatient to go out of their way to cross the street at the appropriate place; they would rather take their chances. But as long as you put the signage out, you’ll find that most people will comply with the crosswalk and dramatically reduce the risks that come with crossing in front of traffic.

Crosswalk Signs: Effective Placement

The use of Crosswalk Signs is important; knowing where to place them for maximum effectiveness may be even more critical. Generally speaking, crosswalks should be established on clear, straightaway roads with few nearby bends in the street. You don’t want drivers to come upon these crosswalks out of the blind alley, in other words. You want to give them plenty of time to see the situation unfolding ahead and adjust their driving accordingly. As for the signs themselves, they should be posted in high, visible areas where they can be seen clearly by drivers and pedestrians alike.