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Our Deer Crossing Sign is bright, reflective, and effective in terms of being visible from the roadway. With proper placement, you can help guard local wildlife against unfortunate traffic incidents, and you can surely help drivers avoid a lot of vehicle damage – if not worse. These signs should be used in areas where deer have been known to cross the road. As you probably know, this typically does not happen in a slow, measured, careful way. No, the deer jumps as if out of nowhere, suddenly THERE where before, he was not. There’s not much time to react in such a situation, so it’s always helpful to have a heads-up.

Protect Your Private Roadways

Are you lucky enough to live in a place with a heavy deer population? We suppose it becomes easier and easier to take such a blessing for granted, but there’s nothing quite like wildlife to remind you to slow down once in a while and look around. Unfortunately, this tends to be the last thing drivers are doing as they head down the road. So wrapped up in their ideas of getting somewhere, they are all-but-oblivious to what’s going on around them! We know – we’ve been there! But this is where Deer Crossing Signs come into play. They can sometimes help to break through that driving fog and force a driver to sit up, look alive, and keep their eyes out for crossing animals.

Comply With the Law

In some states and jurisdictions, there are specific traffic laws governing wildlife safety and the avoidance of deer collisions on the highway. In these states, it may be mandatory to place a Deer Crossing Sign at a certain juncture due to its proximity to migratory routes, nearby watering holes, or a common feeding spot. As much as we might like to blame the deer for jumping out into traffic, the truth is that its up to human beings to solve this problem (one that is, after all, our own creation) through the use of good signage and good driving habits.

Terrific Novelty Gifts

Our Deer Crossing Signs aren’t limited to practical use. If you have a friend or family member who loves deer, they might appreciate something like this to hang in their garage or bedroom. A hunter might enjoy something like this in their trophy room. It can also work as a sporty decoration for a themed restaurant. And along with the other animal crossing signs in our inventory, it can be used as a fun, novelty gift for anyone on any occasion. Do keep in mind, of course, that these are real traffic signs that have weight and heft, so they may not be appropriate for all decorating circumstances.