Metal Name Signs

Metal Name Signs are among the most versatile and personal ornamentations you can hang on your walls. Whether you’re interested in decorating your office, changing the interior feel of your home, or even putting something attractive and minimalist on the outside of your house, these signs could be just the look you’re after. Don’t be overly influenced by design trends and the so-called “shoulds and shouldnts” of design; you definitely don’t have to be aiming for a farmhouse style to take advantage of the beauty of metal artwork. These signs are designed in such a way that they go just as well in a modern décor as they do surrounded by old tin pots and wagon wheels. Have a look through our collection to see just how imaginative and intricate these metal name signs can be!

A Great Match for Any Color Scheme

Unlike many colorful signs and paintings, metal name signs have a distinct advantage when it comes to matching an existing color scheme. Put simply, they go with just about anything. This makes deciding where to put your sign a breeze because you don’t have to worry about whether or not it will fit the décor. Still, we recommend taking the entirety of the space into account when determining placement. Not just for color scheme considerations, but also for size and general feel. Our suggestion is to find clean, open spaces where the sign has a chance to breathe and play a starring role in your decoration scheme.

An Excellent Choice for the Office

If you’re looking for an eye-catching way to decorate your office at work, metal name signs are a great option. Additionally, if you’re the manager of a large collection of office workers, you may want to consider getting each employee their own metal name sign to hang in their personal space. This helps improve morale, adds beauty and depth to the office, and presents a uniform (yet interesting) way to engender a unique combination of individuality and teamwork. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a traditional office atmosphere. The same principle can be applied to school classrooms, garage areas, construction site trailers, and any other workplace you can imagine.

Experienced Metalwork Professionals

If you’re on the hunt for a personalized metal name sign, you already know that you have your work cut out for you. When it comes to the quality of these signs…well, let’s just say your options run the gamut. Unfortunately, far too many pop-up shops and overnight websites rely on cheap, foreign metalwork to quickly produce signs that aren’t worth the shipping. When you buy from American Sign Letters, you’re buying 100% American-made products from experienced professionals who know the metalwork business inside and out. These signs are made with an attention to quality and detail that you won’t easily find from other companies.