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Did you know that one of the hottest trends in tattoo artistry involves taking a photo of a person’s home and drawing it on them as a tattoo? Well, what we have here is the reverse of that! Whether or not you choose to get your home tattooed on your back, you can always put up a Tattoo Sign on the walls of your home. Believe it or not, you don’t even need to have a single tattoo to qualify for this purchase! In fact, we’re confident that many of our customers are only vaguely interested in tattoos; they’re getting this sign as a kitsch decoration for their homes – a way to have a little bit of irreverent fun with the design and décor. However, there’s certainly no better way to show off your love of ink than this Tattoo Sign (well, apart from the obvious exception).

Visually Appealing
If you think getting a Tattoo Sign for your home borders on garish, we’re here to tell you that you won’t find anything that matches that description on our site. Nothing against wall art that is purposely “out there,” mind you; some of our favorite home designs have stuff on the walls that would raise an eyebrow or two in any gathering. But that’s not what you’re getting when you pick up one of these Tattoo Signs. You’re getting a visually interesting, attractive sign that will flow seamlessly with your home furnishings. It stands out – absolutely! But it doesn’t detract from the overall visual appeal of your home or diminish the stylish surroundings.

Set The Right Mood
Putting something like a Tattoo Sign in a room conveys a certain attitude about your approach to life…or at least the kind of mood and setting you want to develop in the space. What is that attitude or mood? Well, it’s one of those things that’s easier to feel than to describe, but we’d say it imparts a feeling of non-seriousness. You know, a “leave your problems at the door” kind of feeling. And isn’t that exactly what we want when we invite friends and family over for a game night? Or just to hang out on the couch, chill, and watch a movie? Of course, if you’re actually going to be giving out tattoos at this imagined gathering, so much the better!

Unparalleled Quality
If you go looking for a tattoo shop, you’re going to read reviews, get some recommendations from your friends on social media, and perhaps look through a portfolio of the artist you have in mind. It’s understandable to go through all of this due diligence – you’re putting something on your skin for life. But it’s nearly as important to put some effort into making sure the wall art you’re getting is of the same high quality. When you shop for your Tattoo Sign at American Sign Letters, you’ll be assured of a quality that is far and beyond what you would expect from the price tag. Buy with confidence, and let us know if there’s anything we can do!