No Passing Zone Sign

Shaped like a pennant, painted with a yellow background, and adorned with black text, the No Passing Zone Sign indicates the beginning of an area of the road where drivers may no longer pass other cars. Typically, these signs will be placed in areas where drivers have a limited view of the road ahead. For instance, there may be a curve in the road that prevents drivers from seeing what the oncoming traffic looks like, therefore making it extremely risky to swerve into the left lane. They are also used in other areas where passing may be dangerous – construction zones, intersections, and school zones, to name a few. If you need a No Passing Zone Sign, our products have the quality and durability you’ve been looking for. The no passing zone sign is a traffic sign that prohibits vehicles from passing other vehicles in a particular lane. No Passing Zone Signs are most often seen on highways, where they are used to reduce the risk of head-on collisions by separating lanes of traffic travelling in opposite directions. They can also be seen on rural roads, where they are used to discourage drivers from driving too fast and creating dust clouds that could obscure visibility for other drivers.

Notes on No Passing Zone Signs

Unlike many highway signs, No Passing Zone Signs are always located on the left-hand side of the road and are usually accompanied by a change in the painted line dividing the lanes. In a passing zone, the line will be dotted to indicate that drivers may carefully pass slow-moving traffic by entering the oncoming lane. When a No Passing Zone Sign has been posted, the line will switch from dotted to continuous, indicating that drivers may not move into the oncoming lane until the end of the area. These signs should be bold, visible, and clear as their importance to traffic safety cannot be overstated. Passing on a two-lane highway is risky under the best of circumstances, and it can be disastrous if drivers do not have long-distance visibility of the opposing lane.

Exceptions to the Rule

Are there instances where drivers may pass into the oncoming lane despite the presence of a No Passing Zone Sign? In some states, and some situations, the law presents detailed exceptions to the rule. Typically, these exceptions will involve obstructions in the roadway. Obviously, if a refrigerator fell off a shipping truck and is currently blocking the lane, drivers will have to either pass around the obstruction, turn around and find an alternative route (a maneuver that could be just as dangerous as passing), or stop their journey and abandon the vehicle. In those cases, drivers may be able to “break” the law regarding a No Passing Zone as long as they do it with extreme caution and have the ability to see far enough ahead that they can be assured of clean passage.

High Quality Signs

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