Now Hiring Signs

A Now Hiring Sign is essential for attracting prospective job candidates and finding employees who may not have access to internet employment sites or the inclination to use them. These signs can variously be designed using standard templates that passersby will find familiar, or they can be created with special branding that reflects your company’s logos and colors. In either case, the important part is the text, which should be clear, legible, and unmistakable in its messaging. Words like “help wanted,” “apply today,” and, of course, “now hiring” should be used to eliminate confusion and target the broadest possible audience. If you need a Now Hiring Sign that will attract employee candidates to your establishment, trust American Sign Letters for the job.

An Effective Strategy

In this day and age – filled with job boards, gig sites, LinkedIn, and all the rest – it may seem somewhat outdated to use something as simple as a Now Hiring Sign in the window of your establishment. Perhaps it is, for certain kinds of businesses. After all, a law firm will probably not hang a Help Wanted sign out front when looking to sign a new legal partner. On the other hand, fast-food restaurants, local hardware stores, gift shops, and other retail places would be making a grave error in exclusively using online sites to hire help. The days of job-seekers going door to door, aimlessly filling out applications in hopes of an opening, are largely over. But when a Now Hiring Sign goes up, the seekers will come to you.

Various Styles and Materials

In addition to the “classic” Now Hiring Sign we’re featuring on the site, there are other ways to attract prospective employees. You can find all of the materials and customization options you need here at American Sign Letters. For instance, would you like to hang up a large vinyl banner in front of your business, advertising for employees? We can make it happen. The same goes for yard signs that you can place around the community for greater reach. We sell plastic signs, metal signs, wooden signs, and more. If you need signage that can help you attract the right kinds of employees to your business, we can be your one-stop shop.

Attract Attention

The problem with most Now Hiring Signs is that they are rendered nearly invisible due to bland graphics, small lettering, and other common mistakes. You won’t run into those problems when you buy a sign from us. Our Now Hiring Signs are designed with bold fonts, sharp lettering, and bright colors that attract attention. When canvassing for employees, you don’t want to limit your search to only those people who happened to glance in the right direction. You want to cast as wide a net as possible in order to find the best possible candidates. With our signs, you can do exactly that. Take a look at our inventory today, and contact us if there’s anything we can help you with. Thanks!