No Standing Signs

When it comes to parking notifications, No Standing signs are among the most commonly overlooked and misunderstood. However, if you’re interested in keeping a set of tight rules for your street or parking lot, they can provide invaluable help in maintaining order.

With our collection of No Standing signs, you can ensure that drivers aren’t abusing curb space in ways that inhibit the flow of traffic, make it impossible for emergency vehicles to get in or out of your property, and otherwise make things inconvenient for your other guests. Printed in bold, direct colors and fonts, these signs will help you get the right message across.

How to Use a No Standing Sign

According to most city legal codes, standing is defined as stopping one’s vehicle in a particular zone. It qualifies as standing even if the car is occupied. However, there is a caveat that sets it apart from similar signage: A No Standing sign does permit the temporary use of a space to receive or offload passengers from the vehicle. Otherwise, the space is off limits and the driver should move on immediately. These signs are important for streets and businesses where driving space is limited to the point that a car parked in the wrong area could lead to a traffic jam or put drivers and pedestrians in a dangerous situation.

No Standing Signs Allow Exceptions

As opposed to certain other signs, No Standing signs do not necessarily prohibit any and all stopping of a vehicle in a specific zone. For instance, as we stated, most cities will allow vehicles to pull over briefly in one of these zones for the purposes of letting passengers out of the car or allowing them to enter the vehicle. These stops should be very short, and many cities will reserve the right to ticket any vehicle that remains in the zone for too long (more than a few minutes). If those are the rules you wish to enforce for a given zone, a No Standing sign would be recommended.

In Comparison to Other Signs

When looking to limit vehicle stoppage, it’s important to know exactly what you want from drivers and then choose the appropriate sign. We’ve covered what a No Standing sign entails, so let’s look at a couple of other options: The No Parking sign and the No Stopping sign. A No Parking sign (also available through American Sign Letters) carries all the weight of a No Standing sign, except that travelers are permitted to unload and load merchandise as well as passengers. Vehicles may not be left unattended in either case. No Stopping signs, on the other hand, are the strictest of the three: Vehicles are not permitted to stop within the zone for any reason or for any length of time.

Your Place for Quality Parking Signs

Whether you need a No Standing sign or one of its close cousins, you can count on American Sign Letters to stock the bold, direct signage you need to enforce the rules and keep traffic flowing smoothly on your streets and on your property.