Wooden Name Signs

Welcome to our wooden name signs where you create exactly wat you want. We have multiple types of woods along with thicknesses, colors and more. These make for great nursery signs, wedding signs and other events. These are connected letters most of the time in script. We have many different fonts to choose from and a great preview tool to use. If you need exact dimensions please reach out to our customer service and they can help. You can leave these wood name signs natural or we can apply a stain or color. We have a few different stains and many colors for you to get the look you want. If you are looking for the letters to not be connected we can do that as well. Thicknesses range from ¼’to 1” tick for birch wood. We have mdf as well. All of these sizes and thicknesses can be hung up on a wall for décor without issues. These custom wooden signs can be used for craft projects, with mdf we can also bevel the edge.

We can do a wooden family name, carved signs for outdoors, plus wooden baby name signs. Since we make everything ourselves, we can do anything you would like. Our goal is not to only make you a sign but a piece of artwork that you want to how off to your friends and family.

In the world of signage, one of the most iconic, memorable sign types is wooden signs—no surprise there, since, first of all, they have been around for quite a time. But something different became a watershed regarding wooden signs, and that is the fantastic technological advances used to create them.

In the past, one had to rely on artisans to hand carve pieces, which, in all justice, gave that air of elegance and home-feeling. But, undeniably relying solely on human-made techniques had several constraints: first of all, there is no standardization to the process so that you may have ended with uneven pieces –lack of cohesion. Second of all, the use of modern technology has allowed us to expand in matters of shapes, sizes, and designs. CNC and laser engraving are two of the techniques used; literally, you can order any form, any size you want! Your letters can be engraved, painted, left bare, or embossed. There’s also the option to choose between wood types.

Another great news for wood signs’ lovers is that finished seals now make outdoor signage possible in wood. These fantastic seals protect your material against environmental conditions, and you don’t have to worry about rusting –as with metal.

Custom Wood Name Signs

What are the advantages of using wood for your name signs?

Name signs are a definite favorite for bedroom décor, especially in nurseries and children’s rooms. There’s a whole protocol regarding choosing the baby’s name because it automatically imprints a personality on the new bundle of joy. Adorning your child’s room with a name sign is a way to reaffirm that personality, that special aura that will accompany him or her during a life journey.

Choose wood for your wood sign has a definite advantage. First, as we said, there’s versatility. Same as a person’s name –or last name –a sign can have character. It can be bold, modern, tender, elegant, or charming.

And the same goes when used for commercial purposes. Wooden name signs are an excellent choice for shops, restaurants, hotels, doctor’s offices, etc.

Why do we love personalized name signs?

  • The connection with nature. Having something made out of trees gives the area warmth and a relaxing feeling. It is not a coincidence that wooden signs in places like spas, yoga studios, and babies’ rooms are often seen. They are just visually engaging!
  • Shows down a homemade appeal. Whether you have a name sign outside your office building, or inside your house, no one can resist the feeling of craftsmanship that wooden signs offer.
  • Flexibility. Big or small, modern or rustic, wooden signs can be utilized in corporations as well as a cute garden. The effect is the same nonetheless: alluring.

Forget about ordinary signs that reveal little of the personality you wish to imprint. Pick a template, choose between the many options and create an outstanding, lovely wooden name sign that will be the topic of every conversation.

Wooden Name Signs For Nursery

If you have a new born baby and deciding on how to decorate the room, one thing that stands out is a custom nursery name sign. These are easy to hang and come in all colors to match and nursery. We do suggest not to hang it over a crib as the baby can pull it and possibly fall. If you have an upcoming baby shower to go to and can’t decide what to get these make for great baby shower gifts if you really want to surprise someone. This is something that they will always remember and see on a daily basis in the nursery.

Last Name Wood Signs

If you are looking to add some more décor to your house get one of our last name wood signs. They come in all different styles to match what you are looking for. They also make for a great housewarming gift. If you want a style but don’t happen to see it here just give us a call or send an email. We have designers on staff that can make you something beautiful.