Lawn Signs

Lawn Signs

Yard or lawn signs are mainly utilized alongside roads and in lawns as a marketing tool. The most popular uses include real estate, business services, political advertisements, and many more. They are also handy as informational signs; for instance, to advertise a yard sale, signal where an event is taking place –such as a wedding or a party – and many other applications. They can be double-sided or single, cut to shape, and have wire stakes for display purposes. 


The most common sizes include: 24″x6″, 24″x18″, 18″x12″, 36″x18″, 2’x2′, 4’x4′, but of course, you can select a custom size according to your specific needs. 

Every one of our signs is digitally printed in full color using a technology that ensures the highest quality. We also have no restrictions or limitations regarding the type of graphic or design you wish to use. The vibrancy and quality of our printing make a world of difference!


Aside from the design, colors, and size, the other decision you must make is how you will display your lawn sign. We offer various ways, each one has advantages and can be used to promote your business, event, or campaign in the best way. 


· Wire stakes. Probably the most popular choice. Offers high portability since it makes the sign very light and durable enough to be pushed onto a surface. If you are careful enough to remove the stakes with adequate care, the signs can be reused as many times as you want. We offer two different choices for wire stake: heavy-duty and standard. Heavy-duty stakes provide higher stability against air currents and other elements and help to keep your sign standing still for a more extended period. On the other hand, standard wire stakes are made of 9 gauge steel without the base made from 1/4” steel with a welded top that the heavy-duty option has. 


· A-frame or sandwich boards are ideal for marketing campaigns for retail businesses and shops. They are also widely used to promote a restaurant or any other service –such as a carwash. 


Lawn signs can be double-sided or single, depending on your needs. All of our lawn signs are designed and made for outdoor use. They are moisture and water-resistant; however, you might want to temporarily remove them under severe weather conditions.

Lawn signs are an excellent marketing tool, inexpensive and useful.