Spray Painting Stencils

When you have a spray-painting project that needs to be precise, no product does the job better than the Mylar stencils sold right here at American Sign Letters. Our Spray Paint Stencils are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that you get multiple uses out of every cut-out as long as you take reasonable care of them in between projects. That shouldn’t be hard to do, because these stencils are also designed to be easy to clean; solvents, paints, and inks will come right off with a little bit of soap and water. If you need painting materials that won’t slow you down, you’ve come to the right department.

Thick and Long Lasting

Our Mylar Spray Paint Stencils are made with 11 mil materials that bring the best of both worlds: Flexibility and durability. If you have to paint around corners, the material is bendable enough to let you do that without worrying about ripping the plastic. At the same time, this plastic is sturdy enough to lay flat against a surface and allows you to spray it without sending it flying all over the place. If you have experience using cut-at-home stencils or some of the cheap varieties sold at party stores, you know exactly what we’re talking about. On the contrary, our Spray Paint Stencils are top-grade tools that can be used in both professional and amateur applications.

Convenient Storage

Because our Spray Paint Stencils are flat by nature, you’ll need very little room with which to store them properly in between uses. We do recommend that you do all cleaning immediately after using the stencils, just to ensure that the paint does not get overly crusted onto the plastic, which could result in some degradation of the Mylar. Once they are dry, you can store them flat and face down in any reasonable room-temperature environment. If you do happen to store the stencils in a colder space where the temperature drops below 50 degrees, we advise being extremely careful about handling them as the plastic can become brittle.

Custom Stencils Available

In addition to a wide array of stock shapes and colors – animals, common logos, stars, sports, names, letters, etc. – we can also create custom shapes on demand. If you have an idea for a Spray Paint Stencil you’d like to order, send us a message or give us a call. If you have a specific logo or design you’d like to create a stencil from, we can work with that as well. As long as you have the graphic and your size requirements, we can get back to you with a quote very quickly. Once you’ve decided to place the order, we’ll turn around the final stencil as soon as possible and have it on the way to your house. Ordering from American Sign Letters has never been easier!