Chicken Signs

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A lot of things have changed over the last few years, and Americans are responding to those changes by making big shifts in how they live. If the pandemic taught us nothing else, it was that we wouldn’t always be able to count on our local stores to provide the essentials. That has led many to dive into alternative, sustainable lifestyles they might not have ever considered otherwise. Perhaps that’s why more than a million households now keep some form of poultry farm on their property. If you’re a newcomer to raising chickens, or if it’s old hat to you, why not take pride in your independence? With the Chicken Signs found here at American Sign Letters, you can decorate your home, put up a fun sign on your coop, or even promote your chicken farm to others in the neighborhood!

Rustic and Fashionable
If you’re keeping chickens on your property, our guess is that you don’t have aspirations of making the cover of Interior Design Monthly. But then again, we could be quite mistaken about that. We do know that chicken-lovers are just as concerned about lively décor as anyone else, and it just so happens that the country/rustic template is hugely popular these days…even among those homeowners who DO want their houses to be featured in a magazine! So whether your taste in décor leans toward the elegant or the eclectic, we’re sure that you can find a suitable place for these Chicken Signs. After all, you’re here thinking about it, aren’t you?

A New Day
As we mentioned in the opening, the pandemic and its accompanying economic difficulties got many Americans thinking about topics like sustainability, independence, and even survivalism. You don’t have to be an extreme prepper these days to begin preparing for lean times. And even if we don’t have to endure anything like the pandemic again in our lifetimes, it is only sensible to do as much as you can to reduce your dependence on supply chains and factory farming. And if you’re raising your own poultry, we clearly don’t need to tell you about the many benefits of small-scale, personal sustainability. Not only is it responsible, it can be a lot of fun! Celebrate the time and effort you’ve put into this lifestyle with some fun Chicken Signs from American Sign Letters!

Amazing Gifts
We should mention that you don’t need to know one hen from another or keep a coop of chickens to find a place for these Chicken Signs. Judging by how many of these are going out the door every day, we have to imagine that our customer base is comprised of more than just chicken farmers…but maybe we’re wrong. But whether you own chickens or just love them, you’ll be able to enjoy the lighthearted nature of these signs. And they make amazing gifts, so if you know someone who lives the Chicken Life, make sure you get one of these Chicken Signs for them. They’re sure to appreciate your kind thoughtfulness!