ADA Signs

Federal law requires businesses and government buildings to make special accommodations for disabled workers and guests. In the 1990s, Congress passed the Americans With Disabilities Act, a law that gave rise to new bathroom regulations, wheelchair ramps, the use of braille in informational pamphlets, and much more. As a business owner, you must not only make sure that your building is compliant with the relevant codes, you must make sure you have the proper signage. Our ADA signs are designed to comply with the language of the law and help you promote the ways in which your business has worked to provide a welcoming environment for disabled personnel.

Check Your Regulations

The ADA’s terms and regulations do not apply evenly to all businesses and buildings. There are separate codes for a restaurant and a school, for instance. There are different regulations that apply to a business closed to the general public than might apply to a retail store. The number of employees you have on staff could have an impact on which regulations you need to follow. Consult the codes that apply to your specific business before spending money on ADA signs. You may find that you don’t need as much signage as you thought you did. You may find out you need more than you believed. Either way, it helps to be fully informed before purchasing.

Don’t Get Caught Out of Compliance

We have no doubt that you are personally committed to providing a safe and accommodating environment to all of your disabled employees and customers, and we are sure that’s reason enough to make sure that all of your ADA signs are in place. But just in case there’s one or two of you out there who need a little extra push, the government will be more than happy to provide it for you. Yes, there are stiff fines and penalties awaiting any business owner who is caught out of compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Don’t wait until an inspection comes around. Don’t wait for a customer to report you. Take the initiative and make a low-cost investment today…to avoid a much larger one later.

Designed For Every Type of Building

We mentioned earlier that the ADA signs you need will depend on what kind of business you own. While that’s true, we have good news for you. Whether you run a restaurant, a store, an office, or a school, you can find the ADA signs you need right here at American Sign Letters. These signs are designed to stand up to scrutiny, and they are sized to match the relevant regulations. When you put these up at your organization or place of business, you can feel confident that you are in full compliance with the laws that govern disabled accommodations and messaging.