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Bronze Letters are an elegant addition to any office or outdoor sign. Bronze has a slightly more orange color then brass due to its alloy mix. Bronze lettering has a very unique style. It utilizes water-jets combined with lasers to perfectly cut the letters which provides much greater detail than other machines. These beautiful letters and numbers have clean, sharp edges and come in over 100 styles. The most common type of mounting for bronze is direct stud mounting. Stud mounting makes things very easy since it’s such a secure mounting method. Be sure to add an installation pattern which is available on the cart page. This will show you exactly where to drill to make your sign perfectly level.

More Information on Bronze Numbers and Letters

Bronze is used a bit less frequently for signs but we find the look fits a very specific feel. It’s still widely used, but of the metals we see used daily this one gets less attention. There is a misconception that Bronze signs will not hold up as long as other materials. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you build the proper sign with bronze it will last for many years.

What Our Bronze Contains

Bronze Alloy: Flat Cut Bronze uses alloy C22000; 90% copper and 10% zinc – 0% Lead.

FINISH NOTES: All Patinas, by their very nature, will vary from letter to letter and order to order. These finishes will change in appearance over time depending on contact with moisture and temperature. Patinas can “bleed” onto the installation surface when installed outside.


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Bronze Finishes


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