Plastic Stencils

American Sign Letters is proud to be your home for the most durable Plastic Stencils available anywhere online. Our stencils come in a variety of fun shapes and sizes, and they are ready to be used in an almost countless array of applications. Professionals, amateurs, artists, and designers come to us for these Mylar stencils due to their durability and affordability. If you’ve been looking for quality Plastic Stencils but keep running into the weeds, you can bring your search to an end. Whether you’re looking for animal shapes, wallpaper-mimicking designs, alphabets, or specialized logos, you can find the stencils you need right here at American Sign Letters!

Logo Stencils

Our Plastic Stencils come in as many forms and formats as you can imagine, but our special logo stencils have proven to be perennially popular. Used by sports teams, fraternities, schools, and businesses, these stencils put you in the driver’s seat. Provide us with the artwork you’d like to see turned into a stencil, and we’ll get back to you with a quote, a mock-up, and a delivered product that exceeds your expectations.

Enchanting Décor

Our Plastic Stencils can be used for numerous purposes in both the professional and amateur sectors. You need to paint numbers on your parking lot? These stencils can help. You need to outfit your man-cave with a stunning new piece of wall art? These stencils can be your ticket to artistic freedom. You need something original and sharp to beautify your latest art project? Stencils are growing to become one of the most popular tools in the artist’s arsenal. That’s only the tip of the iceberg! Plastic Stencils are nothing if not versatile, which is why so many talented and creative people turn to our collection as their favorite way to move forward with a challenging project.

A Wonderful Wallpaper Alternative

Many of our Plastic Stencils are designed to put an accent piece on a wall, piece of furniture, or swath of canvas, but these stencils have applications that go far beyond the one-off image. For instance, our wall stencils can be used as a creative and imaginative alternative to wallpaper. Many homeowners think that if they want to paint their walls in any fashion that involved a pattern more intricate than…well, one color per wall, they are out of luck. This isn’t the case. With Plastic Stencils, you can use repeating patterns to quickly and easily paint an entire wall with designs every bit as engrossing as those found in wallpaper. Plus: It’s a much more modern and fashionable way to go about this style of decorating!