Medical Signs

Medical Signs are important from the standpoint of protecting patients, guarding the integrity of a clinical facility, keeping guests out of unauthorized areas, and exerting authority over the types of behavior that are discouraged in certain areas of a hospital or other medical facility. The signs you find here at American Sign Letters are intended to provide full compliance with ANSI, OSHA, and the Americans With Disabilities Act, and we have custom options available for anyone who needs a sign not currently found in our stock inventory. From warnings to payment policies to wayfinding placards, you’ll be able to purchase all of the Medical Signs you need right here on our website. Thanks for shopping!

Clinical Safety

Whether you’re running a neighborhood clinic or a massive hospital, safety is priority number one. The first words of the medical profession are “do no harm,” which means creating an environment that is secure for both patients and healthcare workers. Medical Signs can help set the tone with warnings, guidelines, and rules that ensure that both your staff and your guests are on the right page. We have signage that points out the dangers of radiation, the rules that govern the environment surrounding an MRI machine, rules on cell phone usage, and much more. If you don’t see the specific Medical Signs you need on our site, give us a call – we may be able to make you a custom sign that matches your requirements.

PPE Signs

2020 was the year that PPE went from industry jargon to an abbreviation that everyone knew about. The pandemic changed much about the healthcare sector, and we can only hope that hospitals and governments will make worker protection a priority moving forward. But providing the right resources is only step one in making sure that patients and medical professionals are protected. With Medical Signs that outline the proper use of PPE in your clinic, you can help ensure that everyone follows protocol in a way that lessens the risk of germs and microbes that lead to infection and sickness.

Guidance and Wayfinding

In larger hospitals, medical managers must provide clear and consistent signage that helps patients find their destination. To do otherwise risks having patients wander into unauthorized areas, creating confusion and delaying care while orderlies and other staff are taken away from their jobs to guide people back to their appropriate spaces. We carry an extensive line of Medical Signs that you can use to bring order to the chaos, keep everyone where they’re supposed to be, and help ensure that your trained professionals are left to perform their priority tasks with minimal interruptions.

Shipped Fast

All of our Medical Signs are ready to be shipped out quickly upon order. Those that require customization will be handled with deft turnaround while sacrificing nothing from the quality you’ve come to expect from American Sign Letters. Shipping, as always, is free for all orders $35 and higher, so shop with confidence today!