Park Closed Sign

Whether you’re in charge of a large-scale nature trail, a major amusement park, or a local playground, there will be times when it is necessary to pull the gates closed and ask everyone to come back tomorrow (or at another time). For those occasions, it is necessary to hang a Park Closed sign in a visible, highly-conspicuous area so that no one gets the wrong idea about the park’s status. A good Park Closed sign can decrease trespassing, outline the official hours for the park, keep children and others safe, and limit the possibility of your park becoming a haven for illegal activity when no one else is around.

Pandemic Lockdown

In the past year or so, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed American life as we know it. Not only were many stores, restaurants, and schools forced to close, public parks were also off-limits when the spreading of the disease ran out of control. While we can hope and pray that we never have to go through anything like 2020 again for the rest of our lives, we now know that nothing is certain. If we face challenges like the lockdown in the future, a good Park Closed sign can help you communicate effectively with the public and let them know that now is not the right time for fun in the sun.

Closures Due to Weather

A major pandemic may only come around once in a generation – fingers crossed – but inclement weather comes around all the time. While it’s perfectly acceptable for some parks to stay open in the rain, others may become dangerous if there is rain, thunder, lightning, and other natural hazards in the air. For instance, any park that runs roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and other metal rides should close in the event of area lightning. You can use a Park Closed sign to convey this information to your guests and include with it the cause of the closure.

Daily Closures

In addition to uncommon closures such as weather or a public health threat, most parks are not open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a Park Closed sign, you can post the available hours of your park and make it clear that entry to the grounds will not be permitted outside of those hours. Indeed, you may wish to accompany the sign with a message that lets people know that entry during non-official hours will be considered trespassing and will be prosecuted as such. When combined with a gate, this sign can be enormously effective in keeping your park free of meddlers in the nighttime hours.

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