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Yard Signs

Our yard signs are made with the highest quality 4mm corrugated plastic sheets. Sign h-wire stakes are made with a thick gauge metal for a sturdy installation. You can order 1-5000 lawn signs through our website if you need more just give us a call and we will give you a custom yard sign quote. Quantity discounts available. Yard signs take 4 business days after proof is approved to ship. We use a professional grade 3mil vinyl on all our signs. Feel free to call us with any questions or pricing on your custom signs.

There are many uses including real estate signs, political signs, yard sale signs and many more. If you are a real estate agent these signs are a must. Installation of these plastic signs are very easy. If you use the yard sign stake you will just put it in the ground. Make sure it’s sturdy so the wind doesn’t blow it over. Depending where you are going to have these yard signs located you might want to make a double sided sign so customers can see your message from either direction. We highly recommend you use the stakes we have instead of using a tool or a cheaper stake you might have.

Yard signs or lawn signs are relatively small signs that are usually placed on a street-facing lawn for different purposes. Among the most common is to support an election candidate or political position. The second most common reason to have them is to promote a business. Other popular uses are for real estate, business use (sales, promotions, and grand openings), directional signs (parking), or events (weddings, birthday parties, graduation, etc.).


Signs come in various shapes and sizes but are often rectangular and between 12 and 40 inches on each side. They are usually produced in packages that include lawn sign wires since most of these lawn signs need to be placed on a grass or dirt surface.


There are different types of yard signs:



A common type of yard sign frame is the “H-frame.” The wireframes usually have at least two tines inserted into the flutes of corrugated plastic signs. The tines on the other end of the frame can be inserted into the ground. A single or double crossbar between the two tines adds strength and makes the entire structure one single unit. It also prevents the sign face from sliding down the tines.



The I-frame is essentially an H-frame without a crossbar linking the two legs. Each leg may have an abutment that acts as a stop to prevent the sign from sliding down.

Lawn signs are usually displayed in yards, but they can be displayed anywhere. The key to attracting people’s attention is to be creative with how a sign is printed and placed. 


Vertical fluting on a yard sign


This vertical fluting provides little holes that run through the interior of the sign. This allows the wire stakes you may use to display the sign to be placed inside the vertical fluting. The stakes can then be readily viewed in any yard or landscape. This is one of the most straightforward ways to show your yard sign. The corrugated plastic yard signs are typical 4mm in thickness. 


When it comes to the material of yard signs, you have a few options other than corrugated plastic. There are also rigid plastic signs that work well displayed in a real estate frame or with grommets on the corners and hung up. Then there is the standard aluminum sign that is typically presented with real estate frames. 


What is the ideal size of a yard sign?


Standard yard signs are typically 24″ x18″. This size is applicable for various purposes, and most people passing by can clearly read and see them. The other advantage is that it is compatible with several display methods, including metal frames and wire stakes. 

Of course, this is not the only size available. Other standard dimensions include 24″x6″, 18″x12″, 36″x18″, 2’x2′ and 4’x4′. People choose larger sizes when they are displayed in a difficult to see space. Real estate frames are usually larger than the standard yard sign, and therefore, your display needs to accommodate it. 

Yard signs are intended to be used outdoors, so there’s no need to worry about the material getting damaged because of the sun or weather conditions. The setup is minimal, they are weatherproof and fade-resistant, and they are highly useful to attract pedestrians’ attention. 


  • High Quality Outdoor/Indoor
  • 4mm Corrugated Plastic
  • 3mil Professional Vinyl
  • Ships in 4 Business Days
    after proof is approved
  • 100+ Standard Styles
  • 20 Standard Colors
  • Sharp Clean Lines
  • Custom Logos & Colors Available

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