Country Signs

While not necessarily new, farmhouse home decorating has exploded into an industry all unto itself in recent years. Homeowners have been introducing rustic decorations and charming, pastoral signs into their modern design schemes for decades. Still, it’s only in the last ten years that this quirky tendency bloomed into a full-fledged trend. And it shows no signs of slowing! A glance at any decorating store will reveal countless rustic metal signs, cinnamon broomsticks, apple baskets, and other reminders of the simple life. Now you can browse our collection of Country Signs for your entrée into the warm and welcoming world of farmhouse decorating.

Inspired By Farm Life

It’s one thing to decorate your home with pictures of chickens and pigs, brick wallpaper, and heavy oak furniture, but that’s not the route most homeowners take when embracing “farmhouse chic.” Most are looking for little accents that take the inspiration of farmhouse life a bit less literally. You don’t want to outfit your house in a way that would make you embarrassed to bring your boss over for dinner (or to have him asking what time the cows will be ready for milking). You want to imbue the atmosphere with just a bit of that country charm.

Our Country Signs are intended to provide would-be designers with a happy medium. These signs would be just as fitting in a relatively modern design scape as they would be in an authentic 19th-century farmhouse. They are cute without veering off into the kitsch, rustic without erring on the side of ridiculous, and funny without the faux-edginess so often found in mass-market “humor.” We think you’re going to love them, and we’re certain you can find a way to incorporate them into your existing décor without much trouble.

An Injection of Character

We’ve talked to many interior designers about the popularity of Country Signs and farmhouse decorating. They all have interesting takes on why this style has grown to become so popular. Underneath their varying answers, however, we detect a common theme: Homeowners are desperate to add character to their walls. That’s something you will struggle to achieve using whatever you find on the shelves of Target on any given day. Even a trip to the more upscale design stores will leave you dizzy with the manufactured sameness of it all. When you add a few pieces of rustic, country charm, however, you can instantly turn your home into an approachable space that exudes originality.

Blend The Old And New

While some homeowners prefer to redecorate their entire homes in farmhouse style, others enjoy using Country Signs and other accents as a way to compliment their otherwise-modern décor. So if you’ve been thinking about getting one of these Country Signs but you aren’t sure about turning your whole home into a replica of Clark Kent’s childhood house, there are ways to play the middle. A couple of found items (reclaimed barn wood, old jars), a sampling of Country Signs, and some antique silverware could be all you need to inform your modern aesthetic with a dose of the pastoral. When done well, it really works!