Butterfly Stencils

Using butterflies in art is a time-honored tradition. Don’t believe us? When we say tradition, we mean it. There is tomb art dating back to 1350 BC in which butterflies are gorgeously depicted in a scene including the Nile marshes and various birds. Fast-forward to the Renaissance, and you can find butterflies in the artwork of Italian painters who changed the game when it came to art and the human imagination. And today, these ethereal insects are used by artists and crafters all over the world to symbolize transformation, beauty, and the changing nature of time. If you’d like to incorporate these wonderful creatures into your next project, you can use our Butterfly Stencil to make it easy!

Round Out Your Crafting Arsenal

Whether you’re an amateur crafter, a home decorator, or a professional artist who knows the value of shortcut tools, our Butterfly Stencil can help you round out your toolbox. Stencils take the guesswork out of fine painting, and they allow you to achieve beauty without the inherent skill or endless practice sessions it would take to do it freehand. As we said, sometimes even skilled and experienced artists will use stencils to help complete difficult scenes or to accomplish effects that can’t be achieved in any other way. Too often, artists will think that using a stencil will stifle their originality and creativity in some way. The truth is, you deserve to use every weapon you can find when waging the war of art.

Bring (More) Life to Your Garden

Have you had trouble attracting live butterflies to your garden? We understand there are special flowers you can plant to give you a better chance, but in the meantime, why not roll out the welcome mat? We’re not seriously trying to convince you that a few butterfly images on your fence would actually spark interest from the live butterfly population…but then again, could it hurt? In any case, it will give your garden a cute and creative accent, and who isn’t down with that? With nothing more complicated than a spray can or a paintbrush (or even a sponge), and our Butterfly Stencil, you can transform the look of your garden in less than a few minutes.

Durable and Long-Lasting

We don’t believe that you should have to buy a new Butterfly Stencil every time spring rolls around. The beauty of stencils – even the affordable, mylar stencils we sell right here on the site – is that you can get multiple uses out of the product! We’ve gone out of our way to follow and exceed crafting industry standards with our stencils, and you’ll see the difference in quality when you get it in the mail. Moreover, you’ll understand what we’re talking about when you put your Butterfly Stencil away for a few months and find it in fine condition the next time you need it. If you need higher quality products in your crafting arsenal, American Sign Letters always has you covered. Thanks!