Acrylic Prints

With Acrylic Prints from American Sign Letters, you can get extraordinarily lifelike reproductions of your most cherished photographs, blown up to a size that would look perfect on any wall. These prints are not only protected by the acrylic glass, they are enhanced by it as well. Our panes add a new dimension of depth to the photo, bringing it to life in a way that can’t be accomplished by a computer screen…or even a stretched canvas surface. That’s what makes these such incredible home decorations; even if it’s a photo you grabbed off the internet, it adds an almost 3D-like piece of artwork to your wall. Guests will be wowed by it, and you’ll find yourself staring at it as you walk through the room. Order one today and see what all the fuss is about!

Enhance Your Photos

No matter how you choose to display your photographs, you want the picture itself to be the main attraction. And when you get Acrylic Prints made by American Sign Letters, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Our printing process and glass encasement takes nothing away from your photo. Indeed, what you’ll get is an enhancement of what was already in the digital image. The acrylic casing provides a certain intangible depth to your photo that will prove mesmerizing to anyone who walks through your home. Sleek, glossy, and perfectly reproduced from the original, our Acrylic Prints are the greatest way to display your best photos.

Works Best With Bright Colors

Any photo can be made to look astonishing in an Acrylic Print, but some images seem made for this design. Do you have beach photos with clear, blue water in the background? How about magical canyon vistas backdropped by the setting sun? Any photo with bright colors is going to take full advantage of the light-refracting properties of the acrylic casing. Whether it’s artificial light or sunlight, it will bring out the vibrant hues of your photo, bringing them to the forefront in a way that’s not even possible with digital filters.

Highly Durable

Look, we love canvas prints. There is a timeless, yet modern sensibility to stretched canvas and its independence from the traditional frame-and-glass setup. We have several of them in our own houses, and they can look great in a number of different ambient settings. That said, canvas prints do have one drawback in that they are not tremendously durable. It’s all too easy for a rambunctious child to knock a canvas picture off the wall and damage it. So if you live in a house where accidents tend to happen more often than usual, you can trust that your Acrylic Prints will survive the disaster. In addition to guarding your photos against knocks and scratches, the acrylic will also protect against UV contamination and moisture, making it a great choice for long-lasting durability.