How To Make A Sign

Step 1. Measure the area you want the sign to fill.

Step 2. Determine how far away you want people to be able to see. If a business sign that would be from the street. If indoors depending the use it could be 10 feet to 30 feet away.

Step 3. Figure out the amount of letters you need and the largest size to fill the measurement from step 1.

Step 4. Determine the material, if indoors you can use anything, if outdoors we suggest an acrylic or metal to withstand the weather.

Step 5. Once everything is picked out figure out how you want to install it. If you will stud mount into the wall or use double sided tape.

Step 6. Once you receive everything put the installation pattern on the wall which helps line up the letters perfectly straight. Put the letters on the pattern and install.

Step 7. Sit back and enjoy the look of your new sign.