Wedding Memorial Sign

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Brides and couples will naturally have their own idea of what constitutes the perfect wedding ceremony. For some, it is enough to simply marry the person they love at the county courthouse. For others, it is important to spend – and spend big – on a lavish ceremony that leaves no stone unturned. For still others, the beach is the perfect place to tie the knot. But for most people – no matter what their individual taste or budget – the important thing is that they get to celebrate this special day with the ones they love most. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible.

If you’re planning to get married, but a loved one has passed on, you can “save them a seat,” so to speak, by investing in a lovely Wedding Memorial Sign from American Sign Letters. This is a beautiful and meaningful way to pay tribute to a lost loved one while still ensuring that they are there in spirit, if not in form. We can personalize your Wedding Memorial Sign with the names and dates you need to bring this special tribute together. And if you have any trouble using our on-site tools to make the sign of your dreams, give us a shout, and we’ll do anything we can to make sure you get the product you deserve for your wedding day!

A Celebration of Life
It’s understandable that many couples, upon hearing about the possibility of a Wedding Memorial Sign, would have their hesitations. After all, a wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion – a celebration of life! Why would you want to taint that with a reminder of death? But we’re not so sure that these concepts are as far apart as they may seem at first. Death is a natural part of life, as much as we may wish otherwise. And your marriage will surely endure love and loss, happiness and grief, and the entire spectrum of emotions that life has to offer. It’s foolhardy to pretend that everything will be smooth sailing. With a Wedding Memorial Sign, you can remember your lost loved one and you can also remember that “till death do us part” is more than just an empty saying.

Tasteful and Fitting
We offer up our Wedding Memorial Sign for your customization, and we’re confident that it can fit smoothly into any type of matrimonial ceremony. Whether you’re going heavy on the flowers, aiming for a beachy, light theme, or going in another direction entirely, you’ll be able to find a sign that matches your décor. And even if you can’t, that’s all right as well. After all, this sign should be set apart from the overall style of the wedding. It should draw attention, if only for a moment. Perhaps you can even combine it with a reserved empty seat where your loved one would have been under happier circumstances. However you choose to use this Wedding Memorial Sign, we’re certain that it will add a poignant dimension to your ceremony.