Buy Grommets

Banner Grommets may be small, and they may not capture a lot of attention, but they are one of the most important parts of any high-quality banner. Everyone in the printing industry knows the value of these little accessories, and if you’re going to be working with banners, you need to familiarize yourself with them as well. Good grommets are an essential part of keeping your banners looking great and flying for as long as you need them. In addition to selling banners for sports, advertising, events, and every other conceivable purpose, we also sell Banner Grommets you can use to display your banner in the best way possible.

Hanging a Banner in Style

First, what exactly ARE Banner Grommets? Well, you know those little metal rings that you find in the corners of a banner? Those are grommets! They go unnoticed 99% of the time, but you would have a tough time hanging your banner without them. Together with a good hole-punching machine, you use these grommets to provide a place that a rope, a pole, or something else can slide through the banner and keep the holes themselves structurally intact. Otherwise, your banner’s weight could tear the holes and leave you with a regrettable situation.

In this way, Banner Grommets aren’t just about providing you with a way to hang your banner, they’re about extending the life and beauty of your banner. Even if you feel there’s no way that your small banner would rip from its own weight, remember that inclement weather could change the calculation. A heavy wind could easily rip your banner from its lofty position, costing you time and money as you either repair or replace the graphic. It’s a far wiser investment to get yourself some Banner Grommets that will protect the holes and ensure that your banner flies high and proud even when the weather refuses to cooperate.

Placing Your Grommets

When you order a banner from American Sign Letters, you will get standard grommet placement on all four corners of the vinyl sheet. This gives you a symmetrical-looking banner, and because people expect to see the Banner Grommets in that traditional position, it will take nothing away from the beauty of your design. However, you may have something else in mind. That’s perfectly fine. We can sell you an un-grommeted banner and the grommets to go along with it; you’ll just have to install them yourself. Or you can contact us with a special request, and we can accommodate you by placing the Banner Grommets in a non-standard position.

Banner Grommets

Banner Grommets vs. Eyelets

Some banners come with eyelets instead of grommets, so you may be wondering which solution is best. The answer is: It depends. For heavier materials and larger banners, you’ll want the weight and solidity that only Banner Grommets can provide. If you’re using something very lightweight or want your holes to have a more decorative look (as opposed to being functional), you can go with eyelets instead. For most of the banners we sell here on the site, however, Banner Grommets are the way to go.