Giant Letters

Nothing sizzles with drama and presence like these Giant Letters. Put up at a special event or customized to use as business promotion, these letters command the attention of everyone who lays an eye upon them. With no help from any other decorative accents, these large letters have the inherent capability to define any room with their astounding size and their professional gravitas. Whether you’re sprucing up your event photographs, welcoming guests to a wedding, drawing attention to your store, or attempting something funky and fun with your home décor, these Giant Letters can open up a whole new world of intriguing possibilities.

Bigger is Better

When you’re looking to go out there with a bit of the ol’ razzle-dazzle, nothing serves your purposes more readily than these Giant Letters. Professionally crafted to cover the entire alphabet, these letters are as appropriate to a smashing party as they are to the opening of a new restaurant. They are perfect for the entrance to a corporate building, excellent for use at an outdoor company event, and they will instantly transform any party you might wish to throw. They can be hung on the wall or made to stand up by themselves for a unique look that will entrance guests and visitors every time they walk through the front door.

Attract Customer Attention

When your game is drawing in customers, the name of that game is ATTENTION. You can draw that attention through promotional materials, billboards, digital advertising, contests, word-of-mouth, and many other avenues. Unfortunately, many of these methods are not only prohibitively expensive for a struggling young business, they miss some key demographics. Namely: The walk-by and drive-by traffic that can be your bread and butter in certain industries. When it comes to attracting these would-be customers, you need stand-out signage that pulls people in. Our Giant Letters will do the trick every time.

They are an inexpensive and effective way to promote a business or event. There are many different types of giant sign letters. One type is made from neon lights, which can be seen from far distances. Another type is made from LED lights, which last longer than neon lights but are not as bright and visible as neon lights. Giant sign letters can be used for many different purposes such as advertising a brand, promoting an event, or highlighting a storefront location.

Light Up Marquee Letters

Our Giant Letters are available in several varieties, including ones that can be lit in extraordinary fashion. Flip the switch on these lights, and you’ll be instantly transported to a Hollywood wonderland. The letters become the stars of the show, and they can easily turn any indoor or nighttime event into a ritzy affair. They show up nicely in photographs as well; many of our customers have purchased them specifically to be showcased on Instagram as immediate advertisements for their businesses. The possibilities, of course, are endless – as are the words and messages you spell out with these beautiful decorations.