Wrong Way Sign

We’ve all committed some traffic violations in our lifetimes. Some are minor infractions – going a few mph faster than the posted limit, making an illegal U-turn – while others are more significant. But if you’ve never driven past a Wrong Way Sign when traveling down a major highway, count yourself lucky. This is one of the most egregious traffic mistakes you can make, and it puts you and other drivers in great jeopardy. Head-on collisions are serious, and they can easily result in critical injuries and death, even when the cars are moving at a relatively low rate of speed. Wrong Way signs are used to avoid this tragic scenario; if you pass one while driving, you should immediately stop, find a way to turn around, and re-commit yourself to the proper direction.

Not to Be Confused With Do Not Enter Signs

If you’ve got a road that you want to keep safe from people traveling in the wrong direction, you may be stuck between two choices: Do you use a Wrong Way sign or should you post a Do Not Enter sign? Well, the truth is that there are plenty of reasons to use both. A Do Not Enter sign should be used at the mouth of a highway so that drivers know that they should think twice about turning in that direction. But, if they miss that sign, they should be quickly greeted with Wrong Way signs informing them of their (quite serious) mistake. When used together, these two signs can be very effective in saving lives and keeping the roadways safe.

Prevent Fatalities

We cannot mention enough how important Wrong Way signs are when it comes to preventing serious accidents and preserving life on the roadways. Intoxication and distracted driving are well-known issues that cause a lot of problems on our highways every year, but the consequences of traveling the wrong way against traffic are often downplayed. Perhaps it’s considered too obvious – why mention it? But we have to think that’s a mistake, especially when it comes to traffic control authorities who are in charge of keeping the roads safe. If anything, we should focus even more on the perils of going against traffic and make it clear that it should never be done for any reason. Wrong Way signs comprise a vital part of that focus, and they should not be underutilized.

Why Drivers May Go the Wrong Way

In terms of posting signage that makes the roads safer, our duty is not to pass judgment on those who constantly violate traffic mandates. Those people will always be there, so there’s nothing to be gained by going on a rant. All we can do is make sure we’ve done OUR part. That means posting clear, visible signage, making sure all drivers are informed as to their responsibilities, and helping police enforce the law. Still, it is worth considering why drivers go the wrong way. The number one reason is intoxication. Others may drive the wrong way out of confusion. Still others may not even be aware that they are going in the wrong direction. By posting Wrong Way signs, you won’t solve every incident of against-traffic driving. But you can at least know that you’ve done your part.