Construction Zone Signs

If you are having construction done on your business property or you expect to have such construction soon, it will fall on your shoulders to make sure that your employees, customers, and guests are kept safe as they make their way around the repair area. Our Construction Zone signs can help you easily live up to that responsibility by giving important and relevant information to motorists and pedestrians on your property. With just a little heads-up, you can avoid the accidents and even tragedies that unfold when construction safety is ignored.

Make no mistake about it, ongoing construction poses a clear and present threat to everyone in the surrounding area. It is not something to be lax about. The construction workers themselves know the risks and have (hopefully) taken the proper precautions to mitigate the dangers. Your employees and visitors have no such training, nor do they have the personal protective equipment to keep them safe. Therefore, they should either avail themselves of this protection or avoid the area completely. Clear, bold Construction Zone signs can help make sure they do just that.

Risks Come With Any Construction Project

Even a project as small as installing a new faucet can bring about a certain number of risks for guests who aren’t aware of what they’re walking into. When you get into enormous projects such as building a new wing, reconstructing roadways, or knocking down existing walls, those risks multiply exponentially. Suddenly, accidental electrocution could be on the table. That’s not even getting into the dangers that come with trying to avoid heavy equipment, the risks associated with falling objects, the threat of slippery floors, exposed nails, and on and on. It’s your duty to keep your unprepared customers and workers out of the area. Construction Zone signs can help you do just that.

Give Motorists a Heads Up

Construction zone signs aren’t going to be used to their maximum potential until and unless they are optimally placed on your property. Size is a part of this consideration as well. Imagine driving along a private roadway only to suddenly find yourself right on top of a construction site. You look to the right and spy a tiny sign telling drivers to stay out of the area. That’s great and all, but a little warning would have been nice! Now what are you supposed to do? You can help your guests avoid this scenario by placing your construction zone signs well in advance of the area itself. Combine this with detour signs and alternative routes your visitors can use to stay out of the dangerous areas, keeping both them and the construction workers safe.

Promote PPE

There will be times when the construction on your property is so pervasive that it’s impossible to keep everyone clear of the area. You may also have employees who need access to the construction area even while the work is going on. In these situations, you’ll want construction zone signs that promote the correct protective equipment (goggles, hard hats, etc.). Ideally, the equipment will be readily available to your employees, helping them avoid disaster and helping you avoid legal liability.