Nursery Letters

With the Nursery Letters you find here at American Sign Letters, you can decorate your baby’s room in fun and charming ways while slowly introducing your child to the written language tools they will need to succeed. Studies have shown that early childhood exposure to words and letters can prove effective in helping them assimilate language and learn to read more quickly than their peers. This is even true for newborns who are far, far away from having the brain development to actually read. Even at this early age, exposure matters. With these nursery letters, you can begin setting the stage for a lifetime of education and an appreciation for the written word.

Painted and Unpainted Options

We offer nursery letters in both painted and unpainted options, giving you control over how you wish to decorate your baby’s room. Are you the crafty type? You may want to opt for our unfinished letters, which allow you to decorate to your heart’s content. On the other hand, you’ll quickly find that we offer our letters in a variety of colors (as well as fonts and sizes), so if you don’t wish to do your own painting, you will almost certainly be able to find the look you want to achieve in our inventory. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please reach out and contact us; chances are good that we’ll be able to find something that matches your imagination.

Use as a Crafting Base

One of the most beautiful things about our nursery letters is that they can form the base for additional crafting and DIY work. While these letters are finished in such a way that they are ready to be hung on the wall (or rested on a shelf) the moment you get them out of the mail, they can also be used for decoupage projects or even as a base for yarning and other crafts. One of our customers sent us photos of how they used old curtain fabric to wrap the letters and match them to the bedding already in the nursery. If you’re the crafty type, these nursery letters are great for all kinds of imaginative uses.

Mix Fonts and Colors

While it is customary to buy nursery letters that match in both font and color, you certainly don’t have to be restrained in this way. If you’re feeling a bit more creative, you can achieve extraordinary results by mixing and matching our nursery letters in any way that you want. Whether you’re spelling out words and messages, displaying a homemade alphabet chart, or using the letters to create your baby’s name, using several different fonts and colors can give you a creative and unique look. Another great idea: Use the letters in conjunction with signs and illustrations (B along with an image of a boat, for instance).