Brass Letters and Numbers for Signs

Many of our customers consider brass Letters to be some of the most elegant looking letters we carry. They undoubtedly add class and richness to any wall where you lay them. The key difference with Brass sign letters is that they utilize lasers and water jets to precisely cut the letters that provide greater detail than routers. These beautiful letters and numbers have sharp, crisp edges and come in over 50 styles. We can create both small and large brass lettering depending on your needs. The most common type of mounting for brass sign lettering is stud mounting. The reason is simple, stud mounting is an easy, secure mounting method. We always recommend adding an installation pattern which you’ll find available on the cart page. This will show you exactly where to drill to make your sign perfectly level.

Just like our other lettering, our brass comes with a lifetime warranty against cracking, chipping and fading. This helps knowing that the product your order will continue to look as good day 1 as it will 10 years from now. You can choose up to 46” and up to ¾ inch thick to get that depth look. If you happen to want a font or finish that we do not have on the website feel free to contact us and we can create a custom order for you. We will be able to provide you a quote in 24 hours. Besides just lettering we can provide logos and custom brass numbers in all finishes and styles. This is where our company provides a very unique service by working directly with our customers and creating very specific styles of brass if requested. Most of our visitors are able to create their desired look using the selection options we’ve provided for the font, size, thickness and finish to give the right finished design.

Learn More About Using Brass Numbers and Lettering

We’ve found that more luxury services tend to choose brass for their signage needs. This is not set in stone of course, but traditionally we see a lot of brass used in the legal industry. If you’re worried about the metal chipping, cracking or breaking then our letter guarantee should set your mind at ease. All metal and brass letters will oxidize based on their environment (mostly in coastal areas). Our brass contains 0% lead and will hold up under a variety of conditions. Overall this is one of our favorite lettering types for the clean luxurious finish it provides. People also really like using brass house numbers to give their homes the same appeal. Why not class it up a bit? Our brass house numbers are meant to last. Well brass is the perfect material for the job. Lastly if you need a custom brass sign just send us a message for a quote.

What Our Brass Actually Contains

Our brass is made up of the following metals:

Brass Alloy: Flat Cut Brass letters use C46400; 60% Copper, 39.25% Zinc and .75% Tin and Muntz metal C280; 61% Copper and 39% Zinc – 0% Lead


  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Ships in 7 Business Days
  • 100+ Standard Styles
  • 4 Standard Finishes
  • Cost-effective Quality
  • Water Jet Cut
  • Sharp clean lines
  • Durable inside or out

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Brass Letter Finishes


Natural Metallic Finish

Brass Letter Mounting