Speed Limit Signs

Not that long ago, the U.S. federal speed limit was 55 miles per hour along the country’s interstates. While this speed limit has been raised since then (though it remains in place for certain states as the default limit when none others are posted), it remains a reasonable and safe speed for many areas. Our 55 Speed Limit Sign continues to be one of our most popular traffic signs, despite the national increase. We have customers who use the signs as interior decorations – a throwback to an earlier time in their lives. We have others who collect these signs as part of their historical pieces. But the vast majority of our customers are public traffic authorities who still have plenty of use for a 55 Speed Limit Sign. If you believe that this is an appropriate speed limit for your area, buy one of our quality signs today!

Is 55 the Right Limit for Your Road?

Determining the right speed limit is an exhaustive (and yet imprecise) science. State and local government officials enlist the help of extensive studies to help them figure out what speed limits are safe and effective for any given stretch of road. They will use a combination of real-world traffic surveys, reports on the surrounding environment, and input from engineers to help them come to a conclusion that works best for everyone.

Not only do authorities need to find the “perfect” speed for a given road, they have to consider whether or not drivers are likely to abide by the mandate. If motorists are accustomed to going 65 on a stretch of highway, lowering the limit to 35 may be a fool’s dream. Only by finding the right intersection between safety and compliance can you determine if a 55 Speed Limit sign is right for your road.

Using 55 Speed Limit Signs on Private Property

While private roads (parking lots, private residential communities, roads on private property, etc.) are not typically surveyed by law enforcement or maintained by local authorities, they can still benefit from using the exact same signs. Some businesses and private communities like to install custom signs that liven up the area, and that’s fine, but there’s something to be said for keeping your traffic control devices in line with public standards. Drivers will always recognize a 55 Speed Limit sign, whether on public property or a private road. By using a standard format, you’ll gain greater compliance from drivers who come onto your property.

Determining the Speed Limit: Things to Consider

If you don’t have the resources to conduct a thorough study of the road in question, you’ll need a simpler method of determining the right speed limit. It may help to start by looking at some of the most important factors. For instance, is this a road cutting through a rural environment where drivers are less likely to encounter snarls and speeding traffic coming from the opposite direction? It may be appropriate to raise the speed limit. In addition to population, you’ll want to consider the condition of the blacktop, the current average rate of speed on the road, how many stores or residences there are, and what sort of feedback your department has received from drivers. These can all factor into your decision about whether to install a 55 Speed Limit sign.