Letter Stencils

Sometimes it makes sense to decorate using ready-made signs and pre-prepared messages that match the tone you’re after. In other cases, you want a decorating option that gives you more control over the finished project. In these instances, we recommend browsing our extensive collection of Letter Stencils. We sell letter stencils in as many styles and fonts as anyone could want, so you’ll never have to worry about limiting your imagination.

These stencils require very little skill to be put to use; simply lay them flat against the surface you wish to paint, use a brush (or spray can) to cover the desired area, and peel away the stencil. You’re left with a picture-perfect letter that will look as though it were applied by a professional artist. Whether you’re tackling a room redesign, office decorating, or a personal arts-and-crafts project, these letter stencils can be your greatest tool.

Affordable Professionalism

Our letter stencils are the great equalizer when it comes to interior design. While you could spend thousands hiring a professional artist to paint your walls with the letters, names, and messages you want adorning your walls, letter stencils let you put that money towards something else while still preserving the quality and craftsmanship you desire. With absolutely no painting experience whatsoever, you can use these stencils to create lettering designs with sharp edges and flawless rendering. All for a mere fraction of the price you would have to pay for an expert painter.

Many Uses

It’s no coincidence that our letter stencils are some of the most popular products on the site – homeowners, business owners, and even commercial decorators know that these stencils are a shortcut to beautiful designs that transform any room. We’ve been amazed by photographs that come in from customers who have used our letter stencils to create stunning alphabet tapestries, redecorate their kitchen walls with whimsical phrases, monogram their man caves, or even put their family names on the mailbox! In an era where everyone is looking for ways to add more charm and personalization into their design scheme, it’s no wonder that letter stencils have grown so popular.

Wonderful for Children

Our letter stencils aren’t just a great way to redecorate your home or business; they can also be used as powerful learning tools for your young children. Studies have shown that stenciling can help develop a child’s hand-eye coordination, encourage them to use their imaginations, and give them the confidence to move forward in the face of mistakes. If you’ve been looking for crafting ideas that will get your kids away from their iPads and back into the real world, these letter stencils could be the key you’ve been searching for.


Our letter stencils are crafted so that they will give you great results time after time. As long as you follow the (extremely simple) guidelines on cleaning and caring for your stencils, you will be able to keep using the same cutouts again and again for years. In a marketplace that is awash in cheap, use-it-and-toss-it materials, we’re proud to offer decorating tools that can stand the test of time.