Merge Signs

Merge Signs are used to alert two sets of drivers that something important and disruptive is about to occur on the highway. For those in the flow of natural traffic, these signs warn that motorists will soon be merging into the flow from a ramp or a closing lane. For those on the ramp or the closing lane, the signs tell them that they need to prepare to find their place in the upcoming traffic. When merging, it is the responsibility of the merging drivers to handle their own business. In other words: If they can’t find an appropriate “hole” in the traffic, they must yield and wait for a spot to develop. At the same time, however, drivers already in the flow of traffic should do what they can to safely make room for merging vehicles.

Merge Signs for Unusual Disruptions

Suppose you were to survey the United States to determine where most Merge Signs are in use. In that case, we’re sure that 95% of them would be found on interstate entrance ramps and other permanent areas where the roads have been specifically designed to handle a merging scenario. The remaining signs are (often temporary) warnings that something has changed in the roadway ahead. In most cases, this means one lane of a multi-lane highway has been closed due to repairs or some other obstruction. Because of this closure, drivers in one lane must merge into the other. When you have a disruption to the flow of traffic, make sure you post clear Merge Signs that keep drivers informed as to what they should do next.

The Purpose of Merge Signs

Merge Signs are defined as regulatory signs by the MUTCD, and they are designed in uniform ways to match existing standards. Official versions have a black arrow on a yellow background. At the other end of the arrow will be a “tail” showing how one lane is merging into the other. It is not to be confused with the similar Added Lane sign. The latter sign indicates to those in traffic flow that the road is about to expand into another lane, and it tells merging drivers that they may pull into the flow without having to worry about finding a slot. Only use a Merge Sign when drivers must look ahead, adjust their speed, and find a hole in the existing traffic.

Using High-Quality Merge Signs

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