Lemonade Sign

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Do you have fond memories of running a lemonade stand as a kid? We have to imagine that a lot of our customers do. For those who grew up with an interest in business and entrepreneurship, the lemonade stand was the first opportunity to jump in and see what it was really like to earn a profit. We’re gratified to see that this American tradition is alive and well, despite the best efforts of humorless code enforcement agencies. But even if the last lemonade stand had already come and gone, it wouldn’t take anything away from our memories of collecting ingredients, making up ice-choked pitchers of the stuff, and selling it to our friendly neighbors for $1 a pop. This Lemonade Sign reminds us of those days, and the nostalgia we get from looking at it is more than enough to put a smile on our faces every single time.

Modern Vintage
There’s nothing inherently vintage about lemonade, of course, and the same is true of this sign. Lemonade has been around for centuries, and kids have been setting up stands since (at least) the late 1800s, but it is as relevant a beverage today as it has ever been. Still, there is something old-fashioned about the concept. Maybe it’s just our childhood memories kicking in. Maybe it’s the faintly antique aura this Lemonade Sign projects. Maybe there’s something about a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day that reminds us of a more neighborly version of America. Whatever it may be, we’re confident that many of our customers will feel similarly. So if you’re looking for decorative pieces that thread the needle between vintage and modern, this Lemonade Sign may be just the ticket.

Perfect Addition to Any Room
Many of the products sold here at American Sign Letters are fairly specific in nature. For instance, it’s unlikely that you’d want a Game Room sign in your primary bathroom or a Welcome sign in your bedroom. When it comes to this Lemonade Sign, however, all bets are off! We can just as easily envision this sign in the kitchen as we can on the back porch. Laundry room? Go for it. Child’s bedroom? You betcha. This sign’s hidden strength is its versatility, and its bright, cheerful colors are sure to add beauty to any room in your house. If you have blank gaps on your wall that you’ve been meaning to fill, let us be the first to recommend this Lemonade Sign. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Durable and Weather Resistant
Of course, maybe this Lemonade Sign isn’t destined to hang inside your home. Maybe you’re looking for a decoration to liven up your poolside area or an accent that can turn your backyard into a neighborhood gathering spot. Or maybe your kids are ready to step into that great American tradition by starting a lemonade stand of their own. No matter what the case may be, you can put your trust in this durable, weather-resistant sign. Inside the home or not, this Lemonade Sign is sure to look as terrific in three years as it does today. Don’t take our word for it; get your high-quality Lemonade Sign and see the difference for yourself!