Bandit Signs

Bandit Signs serve a niche – but very important – role in the wider world of real estate marketing. With these simple signs, investors can attract homeowners who want to sell their houses in the easiest possible way. Rather than endure the sometimes-laborious process of holding open houses, checking in frequently with a realtor, and having one’s future in a state of uncertainty for months, homeowners can sell quickly and painlessly to an investor. With messages like “Sell Your House for Cash Today,” Bandit Signs attract homeowners who want less hassle and more money up front. They are a boon for investors who are on the lookout for new properties as they seek to expand their real estate ventures and keep the capital flowing.

Attracting Sellers With Bandit Signs

Homeowners aren’t always interested in jumping through the hoops that come along with traditional real estate sales. This, along with short-term financial issues such as the threat of foreclosure or a lack of liquidity, presents an opportunity for investors. By paying cash, they can work with struggling homeowners to buy quickly without the risks and headaches associated with putting one’s house on the open market. These homeowners will see the Bandit Signs and know that they can find an investor willing to do a deal quickly, even if it means they have to accept less than they might have otherwise gotten.

The Benefits of Good Bandit Signs

There are real estate investors who don’t bother with fancy graphics or even printed signs. They take posterboard, markers, and stick their signs around town on telephone poles and any other available public spaces. We’re not saying that this strategy can’t possibly work for you, but there are better ways of developing your Bandit Signs. A handwritten, poorly-conceived sign does not inspire confidence in a homeowner – even one who might be motivated to sell quickly. They want to know they’re not about to step into a scam, and homemade signs have “scam” written all over them. Trust us to create professional signage for you, and you’ll make a far better first impression on sellers.

Successful Bandit Signs will:

— Use Bold Text: Bandit Signs are meant to be seen by drivers passing by. You can’t accomplish this by writing in pen or using fonts that are far too small to be seen from a distance. You have to remember that even the most desperate homeowner is probably not scanning the city for investors. It’s up to you to attract their attention, and our signage can help you do just that.

— Keep It Simple: You don’t have to explain the ins and outs of short selling on a Bandit Sign. Keep it brief and include only the basics. A fundamental sign may say nothing other than, “I WILL BUY YOUR HOUSE FOR CASH TODAY!”

— Be Bright and Beautiful: This goes right alongside our advice about using bold text. You have to make your Bandit Signs stand out, even during inclement weather, for them to be effective. Use bright colors to attract the eye of passing drivers and ensure that your signs don’t get lost in the landscape.

— Include Simple Contact Info: This is perhaps the most important aspect of great Bandit Signs. You want to provide a simple and easy way for prospective sellers to get in touch with you. Usually, this means a phone number – one that uses words as pneumonic device would be even better.