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The United States leads the world in many areas concerning standards of living, but we lag far behind when it comes to the safety of our roadways. Indeed, the U.S. recently ranked as the third most dangerous place to drive out of every country in the world, behind only South Africa and Thailand. This is clearly nothing to be proud of, and it presents us with a national challenge to make our highways safer and reduce the number of fatalities that occur every year. Signage will always play an integral role in moving our national traffic standards forward and turning the roadways into a safer place for travelers, truck drivers, commuters, and families. American Sign Letters is proud to be a part of that solution, and our Highway Signs are bold, compliant, and affordable enough to make a lasting impact.

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Highway Signs are effective, but only when they are used appropriately. The Department of Transportation admits that while signs and signals play an enormous part in improving traffic safety, they cannot bear the entire burden. Unfortunately, signs can actually make things worse when they are placed badly or unnecessarily by local traffic authorities. To avoid such a situation, a survey should be done of the local highways to see when and where Highway Signs should be placed. By considering the flow of traffic, area obstacles, and current driving patterns, officials can scientifically determine which signs should be placed and where. If you’re in charge of sign placement on the roadways, you may also want to conduct an “after” survey to see if your signs are getting the job done.

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We’re proud of being an American company, and we’re doubly proud to sell products and signs made right here in the United States. Every one of our Highway Signs is created to match existing federal transportation standards, and we double-check every offer before it leaves the store. If you are dissatisfied with your order for any reason, please reach out to us and give us a chance to make it right. Your complete satisfaction is ALWAYS our top priority, and our customer testimonials bear this out.

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American Sign Letters has already carved out an expansive niche in the sign-making industry by putting together one of the largest collections of signs – in stock – you’ll find anywhere on the internet. But we’re not done! Our venture into Highway Signs has proven to be wildly successful as everyone from private property owners to large corporations to traffic control agencies look to us for our quality products and impeccable reputation. Thank YOU for stopping by! Feel free to browse our signs by category or search using our on-site engine. If you have any problems finding what you need, please reach out to us via the website or by phone, and we may be able to point you in the right direction. Don’t forget – we offer customization services, so don’t hesitate to ask!