Animal Stencils

Animal Stencils can help you bring the natural kingdom into any project you’re working on, be it a child’s bedroom wall, a colorful craft, or a designer jacket. While animals have played a central role in art since the days of cave paintings, it takes a gifted artist to transform a vision of animal life into a painting that looks terrific. That is, it used to. These days, you can use one of our high-quality stencils to get the job done. You bring the paint and the brush (or sprayer), and our stencil will do the rest! The result will be a professional-looking painting that will impress onlookers and make you the envy of trained artists everywhere. When you’re ready to add the “call of the wild” to your next painting project, count on Animal Stencils from American Sign Letters.

Welcome to the Jungle

With stencils depicting bears, lions, monkeys, and more, we’re proud to have curated a collection that rivals any Animal Stencils offered by our competitors. With these stencils, you are just a few steps away from designing your own themes wallpaper-esque designs. Instead of using wallpaper, which can be expensive and somewhat dated, you can paint these whimsical shapes right onto the wall itself. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about heat and humidity taking their toll on your hard work in a couple of months; your design will look just as good in a year as it does today. And with the help of our stencil, it will look excellent indeed!

Perfect for Animal-Themed Businesses

Do you work at a zoo or a veterinary office? Are you in charge of renovating the local animal shelter? If you work with animals, you might find that these Animal Stencils are exactly what your décor has been missing. Instead of scrolling through endless pages of prepackaged wall strips, posters, and stickers, you can get right to work by using your own creative imagination. Our stencils are a guide that can help artists realize their vision, even if they bring little painting talent to the table. So even if you’ve never held a paintbrush in your life, that’s okay! Our stencils are made to make it easy for anyone from 8 to 88 to paint their true vision.

For Beginners and Experts Alike

Our stencil customers run the gamut from commercial artists to stay-at-home moms to everyone in between. Our Animal Stencils are no exception; if you can stick the stencil to the wall, paint over it, and remove it, guess what? You’re already an expert! That’s all it takes. Now, you may need a few practice swings to really hone your technique and avoid tiny imperfections, but we’re confident that you’ll get an outstanding result the very first time. After all, imperfections in art aren’t mistakes – they are evidence of the humanity behind the brush. So whenever you’re ready to bring a bit of the jungle home with you, give our Animal Stencils a try!