Garden Signs

With Garden Signs from American Sign Letters, you can transform any garden space into an elegant, charming extension of your overall design scheme. Whether you grow vegetables for self-sustainability, cultivate beautiful flowers for the sake of pollination and color, or just practice gardening for the way it brings you in tune with nature, these signs can add a special new dimension to your favorite hobby. All of our garden signs have been designed with beauty and long-term durability in mind, so you won’t have to worry about them losing their luster after only a few months. These are signs you can enjoy in your garden for years to come.

Easy to Plant

New to gardening? An old pro? Either way, you certainly know there’s a difference between those crops and plants that are easy to grow and those that require a whole ‘nother level of love, care, and attention. As satisfying as it can be to grow something that has proven to be difficult in the past, we didn’t want our garden signs to fit into this latter category. Ideally, we want our customers to get their garden signs in the mail and have them staked into the garden only a few minutes later. With the included hardware and the simple stakes we provide with every order, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Beautiful and Functional

Customers come to us for garden signs for different reasons. Some are looking for ways to delineate their garden borders from other areas of their lawn – some of which may have their own signs and plaques. Others are looking to denote specific areas of their garden as distinct from others. Some customers are in charge of large community gardens; thus they purchase signs that will be helpful to visitors and guests who want to learn more about the horticulture they’re looking at. And some customers just want personalized or funny signs that will add a little something extra to their garden. Whatever your reason for needing a garden sign, you’ll find beautiful and functional options on our site.

Provide Guests With a Warm Welcome

Whether you’re growing a garden for your personal enjoyment or tending to a larger space that visitors will come to see from all corners of the community, chances are you’ll want to show off your goods every now and then. We’re confident that the garden itself will be the centerpiece of any guest’s attention, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave it at that. With a few well-placed garden signs, you can offer a warm welcome to everyone who comes to see the fruit of your work. In addition to pointing out the species and varieties you’ve planted, a simple sign or two can orient your visitors and make them feel at ease as they stroll through your little patch of nature.