Road Construction Signs

Anytime there is construction occurring where drivers have the potential to run into trouble, interfere with the project, or put the health and safety of workers at risk, Road Construction Signs should be set up in a conspicuous location. This goes for the highway, of course, but it also pertains to smaller streets, side roads, and even private property such as a parking lot or an access road. American Sign Letters is proud to be an industry leader when it comes to providing high-quality Road Construction Signs that attract immediate attention and encourage driver compliance. If you have a construction project coming up and need to make sure the area is safe and protected, you can count on our products to get the job done right.

Don’t Underestimate the Risks

Risks are an inherent part of any construction project, and it is important to recognize this before beginning the work. With competent workers, well-inspected machinery, and strict attention to safety protocols, you can minimize the risk factors as much as possible. This includes the usage of Road Construction Signs that keep drivers informed, guide them to an alternative route if necessary, and outline the perimeter of the project. The signs must be placed so that they are visible from a distance, giving drivers the space and time they need to make adjustments to their pace. The signs you buy from us are more than capable of alerting area traffic to the risks, which in turn makes it much less likely that an accident will occur.

Cut Through the Distractions

You’ll notice that our Road Construction Sign is bright and bold – the very traits needed to cut through the inattentiveness and distraction that are normal states for most drivers. Whether it’s messing about with the radio, checking that last text message that came through, or merely daydreaming about something that happened yesterday, drivers are commonly putting less than half of their attention on the road. When you consider how distracted drivers are, it’s a wonder we don’t have more accidents on an annual basis, and we have plenty of them as it is. A good Road Construction Sign cuts through some of that fog and brings a driver back to where they should be: The here and now.

Use in Conjunction With Flaggers

There are times when a Road Construction Sign will not be enough to secure the work perimeter. The signs will still play an important role when it comes to alerting drivers to the approaching zone, but workers may need to use flags and handheld signs to direct traffic. If a lane is closed, someone will need to stop the flow on one side so that the other side may pass. On other occasions, it may be necessary to direct traffic to a side street or a detour. Our Road Construction Signs can make this process go much more smoothly by preparing drivers ahead of time for what they’re about to encounter and making the entire area safer.