Lobby Signs

Imagine going for a job interview at a reputable company, but as you reach the venue, you are unable to locate the main office because there’s no sign or board or any such thing to help you figure out where you are supposed to go for the interview.

After looking around for what seems like hours and asking the people at the venue, you finally manage to reach your desired destination.

What kind of impression does that leave in your mind about the respective company? Did you find it a tad unprofessional, maybe? Or perhaps, it made you feel a little uncomfortable and unwelcomed?

Lobby Signs – Create An Inviting Environment for Your Customers and Clients

If you can relate to the particular scenario mentioned above, you can also understand the importance of signage for businesses and companies.

Lobby signs, for instance, are extremely important for all organizations and companies. They are also often referred to as ‘reception area signs’ that not only help you add some color and appeal to bare walls, but also to create an inviting environment for your customers and clients.

Whether you run a salon, own a retail store, or have a car showroom, your business needs a lobby sign to invite people and let them know who you are.

Here are a few ways how you can benefit from lobby signs in your office.

They Help Display Information About Your Business

Do your visitors really know what your business is about?

Lobby signs present a wonderful and unique branding opportunity where you can make them as informative as you want for your visitors. From your business logo to business slogans and mottos, you can put anything on these signs, as long as they are displaying information about your business.

Even if people already know about you, having proper business signage in place displays great levels of professionalism from your end.

They Make People Feel Comfortable and Welcomed

Many businesses don’t realize the importance of lobby signs and tend to not have them in their office reception area, but you should know that they help create a welcoming, comfortable environment for your visitors.

Nobody likes bare, unappealing walls in offices because not only do they make the space look really incomplete, but they can also because make people feel uncomfortable.

Having a nice lobby sign in your reception area can greatly help people feel relaxed and at ease while providing a warm, welcoming environment as they wait in the area.

They Set You Apart

Do you happen to share your office space or building with other businesses? In such cases, lobby signs are absolutely essential to help set you apart. You want to make your office stand out from neighboring businesses and give it a nice, distinctive touch for which you do need a well-designed lobby sign.

More importantly, if the other offices around you have their own lobby signs in place, you must also get one made immediately to make your business known to visitors.

The Best Type of Lobby Signs for Your Office

From 3D letters to panels signs to vinyl graphics, there are numerous different styles and designs of lobby signs that you can choose from for your office.

However, we have one of the best picks for you that will truly upgrade your office space – wooden signs!

Personalized wooden signs are such a spectacular choice for office reception areas because wood is a stunning material that exudes a great deal of elegance, professionalism, and approachability.

It’s an ideal option if you don’t want to spend too much on lobby signs, making it super cost-effective as well.

Regardless of what your business is about, wooden lobby signs will help display warmth, trust, and sturdiness at the same time, which goes to show a lot about your professionalism.

We’ve rounded some of the simplest yet attractive types of wooden signs that you can pick from for your office.

Wood Scrabble Tiles

For those looking to create a lasting impact, wood scrabble tiles are a great option for you. They are quite unique, eye-catching, and also literally look like scrabble tiles!

If you wish to really stand out, especially if you share the office space with other businesses, go for this design for lobby signs.

Not only will it catch visitors’ eyes, but it also gives them the idea that you really care about them and their impression of you.

Wood Name Signs

If you just want to have your name displayed in the reception area, you can opt for simple and basic wood name signs. You can even customize them and have your logo engraved in the wooden slab along with the company name.

Wood Address Signs

If it’s a new office or company, perhaps, you want to look into wood address signs where you can have your name and address both in the sign.

This type of lobby sign provides an opportunity to make your business known and create a good first impression on the visitors, clients, and customers.

Upgrade Your Office With Unique Lobby Signs

Whether you want something out-of-the-box or simple and basic lobby signs, American Sign Letters has all the right options for you.

We have such a massive variety of wooden signs that you can use as lobby signs to upgrade your office.

We strongly believe in impeccable quality and craftsmanship, which is why our team of experts is here to create the best-looking lobby signs for your office.

After all, wood material is the ultimate eye-catcher, and wooden signs won’t only help bring life to your office reception area, but also create a pleasant environment for your visitors.

If your office doesn’t have a lobby sign yet, explore through our comprehensive catalog and pick the one that you think best fits the theme of your office.

All our signs are crafted with the utmost care, love, and patience, so prepare yourself to be wowed!