Wooden Monogram Letters

Wooden Monogram Letters

Monograms are nothing new. There is evidence that the simple but stylish art of monogramming personal belongings dates back to ancient Greece, if not before. But like so many things in our culture, monograms are making a big comeback, and they’ve returned to become one of the hottest trends in everything from stationary to gifts to wall signs. If you’d like to take advantage of this big moment in design culture, consider using our Wooden Monogram Letters to make a huge statement in a classy and decorative way!

Monograms are, of course, one of the simplest ways to mark an item or a room with your personal touch. One of the most exciting decorative trends of the last year has been for married couples to actually combine their initials into a single monogram: The shared last initial in the middle, surrounded with the first initials of the spouses on either side. But you can also monogram a room or a sign with each of your individual initials or some other combination that you both feel comfortable with. Don’t feel you have to limit your imagination to whatever the current trend happens to be.

With our wooden monogram letters, you can make designs that add warmth and personality to any design space, indoor or outdoor. These letters go handsomely on an office wall, sit nicely on a large desk, fit wonderfully on the outside wall of a home, and so much more. They can be mounted by themselves…or you can do what some of our customers have done: Outline them on the wall with a separate, stylish frame. Before you know it, you have a customized work of personal art that is unlike anything you’ll find on the shelves of a design store.

Split Letter Monogram

With so many different styles to choose from one of the most popular is the split letter monogram. If you’re worried about matching colors to your existing design scheme, put your fears to rest. We offer more than 45 color choices that include several varieties of natural and stained-wood looks. It would be harder to find a room or design scheme that our letters DON’T match than to find a color that will. In addition to colors, we offer dropdown options for size, thickness, and even the type of wood that you want to use. The end result will be expertly cut and crafted to provide you with unique monogram letters that you’ll be proud to display in any space.

We do recommend using our MDF option if you want wooden monogram letters in one of our larger options. Our medium-density fiberboard is designed to give you the thickness you want in bigger sizes without the undue weight that will come with our Baltic Birch. However, if you’re using mounted options to nail into the studs of your home, either wood selection should work for your needs. Each type has its relative benefits depending on the look you want to achieve.

If you have any questions about wood types, font choices, or even customized options you don’t see listed on our site, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us. We’ll do our best to make sure you are completely satisfied!



  • Indoor Use Only
  • Ships in 3-5 Business Days
    after proof is approved
  • 100+ Standard Styles
  • 50+ Standard Finishes
  • Cost-effective Quality
  • CNC Router Cut
  • Laser Cut
  • Sharp clean lines

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